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Best Meal Replacement Shakes in 2017
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There are different purposes of use of meal replacements. Some people need to substitute a full meal, the other ones want slim body without fat. All of them use MR shakes to get better results. In addition to the intended purpose, protein shakes provide health benefits to the consumer’s body. Of course, the latter claim refers only to the top quality shakes. Many online services provide substantial information about benefits and flaws of different marketed shakes.

The best meal replacement shakes are the products, which are ranked high by its customers. In order to satisfy a buyer, a product need to comply with the following requirements: effectiveness, quality, good taste, natural composition and affordable price. Have a look at the shakes below, which are considered the best meal replacements in 2017.

18 Shake

This shake is rightfully placed in the top of our list, because according to www.dietsinreview.com 18 Shake was named the Best Shake of 2017. Indeed, this claim is supported by numerous positive feedbacks and reviews. Consumers praise a good taste and high efficiency of the shake. This MR product consists of natural ingredients only, which provide 90 calories to substitute a full meal. The shake is a good appetite suppressant due to 15g of top quality protein supplied by each serving. In addition, the shake has no stimulants or other harmful components, which could be the trigger of unwanted effects. The price of 18 Shake is also its advantage, because such a set of qualitative natural components costs $59.99 only.

YES Shake

This qualitative shake attracts customers with its patented formulas. The first one consists of numerous vegetables and fruit extracts. The second one is represented with whey protein originating from different sources. YES, Shake is produced by Yoli Company. This supplement provides an essential amount of vitamins and nutrients including 12g of protein. The product does not contain any artificial components, therefore there is no need to worry about possible side effects. A month supply of the shake will cost $80. The customers consider the price too high, because the value and quality of the components do not correspond to such costs.

Ideal Protein

This brand offers not only shakes, but also complex solutions to reduce weight. You may buy puddings, diet solutions, drinks, shakes and snacks produced by Ideal Protein. Talking about the meal replacement shake, it consists of different ingredient, not all of which are purely natural. In addition to a mixture of protein sources, Ideal Protein Shake contains sweeteners, thickeners and artificial flavors. Despite this fact, the product provides not bad efficiency and is rather popular in the market. The main customers’ complaints relate to bad taste and texture of the shake. The price is a special issue, because you cannot buy a separate shake, but in a package within a diet support program.

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