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Gastroenterology 101: Common Digestive Disorders and How to Cure Them
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Did you have a sumptuous meal and are experiencing continuous bloating aftermath? You might think that it is a common phenomenon. You might drink buttermilk or warm water, thinking that it might control your gastric problems. But no, it might be a medical condition called abdominal bloating or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These are all common gastric disorders. Gastroenterologydoctorsare the persons who can recognize these kinds of conditions and their impact.

Gastroenterology deals with the medicines that help ease and treat the problems in the gastrointestinal tract that takes care of the body’s digestion and excretion.

Digestive disorders are mostly taken care of by the gastroenterologists, who diagnose gastrointestinal issues and provide treatment for it.

What are the common Digestive Disorders?

Some of the common digestive disorders are GERD/ Heartburn, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These are caused due to unhealthy lifestyle, improper food, and tiring work schedule.

GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) or commonly called  is commonly seen in adults as a result of stomach acids staying back in the esophagus and causing the food swallowing activity to slow down or get difficult. As a result, patients may experience a sore throat, chest discomfort, a sour feeling in the mouth, or a burning sensation in the heart.  One can easily consult a gastroenterologist and find a cure for this disorder.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is the phenomenon where your small intestine and colon parts appear to have chronic swelling. If you are experiencing slight abdominal pain with diarrhoea throughout the day, you might recognize it as a sign of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. IBD can additionally cause symptoms like fatigue, sweating during the night, and a loss of appetite. IBD requires an immediate diagnosis since the delay in treatment might get your gastrointestinal tract severely damaged. Rush to the best hospital for gastroenterology treatments immediately when you see the signs of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Another common digestive disorder is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), where your large intestine experiences constant irritation. One might feel cramps, occasional abdominal pain, constant bloating, and uneasy bowel movements. If you see the above signs, you might want to see your gastroenterologist since they can help figure out the starting sign of colon cancer. IBS doesn’t have any definite causes, but it may be because of the muscle contractions, infections, or inflammation of the intestines.

People with certain risk factors are more prone to get affected by IBS. Young women, people with a genetic history of IBS, and people with mental health issues are more prone to being affected by IBS. You can seek counseling from trusted people, experience biofeedback through electric sensors, take up progressive relaxation exercises, or train for a soulful mind. These can’t cure IBS completely but can provide permanent relief. You can go to the best gastroenterologydoctors who can guide you to know what to do and how to do it.

These are all the common gastroenterology disorders that are more prevalent in recent times. One needs to take proper treatment and food to manage them and for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle to keep away from digestive disorders

A healthy lifestyle is what you can adopt to have a life without any digestive disorders. Few simple steps can be taken for a better lifestyle. Some of them are as follows.

Take a few minutes of walk every day - Everyone has a busy lifestyle. Out of your busy schedule, take some time for yourself. Walk a few minutes every day.

Have fruits and vegetables every day in your food routine - Food these days is so much adulterated that we need to find an alternative way of fibre intake. Taking fruits and vegetables is the best alternative.

Take your meals at the right time - Your busy schedule might make you skip food at times. Avoid doing that, and give importance to taking the right food at the right time.

Avoid having alcoholic drinks/ soda and other carbonated drinks too often - Alcohol is known to cause more damage than you expect. You think you might not be an addict, but still, it might cause damage to your liver. Hence, avoid taking such foods.

Don’t overeat - Always eat to fill half your stomach. Eating to a full extent might cause you excess gas production and a swollen stomach. Always try to eat half the food and go to bed early.

Have a positive mind - Amidst all the chaos, try to keep a positive outlook, for it might help you in having a happy life.

With a fast-paced life, people have started eating more junk food than ever. Thus, your digestion system becomes weak. You can adapt the alternative ways mentioned above for a healthy digestive system. You can also have additional supplements and products to help you have a regular detox routine.

If you still feel gastric problems popping up after following all the above steps, try going to one of the best gastroenterology hospitals with world-class treatment, to help you have a permanent cure.

By Zac Ferry
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Zac Ferry


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