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Benefit of Hot Sexual Activity for More Pleasure
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The benefits of sexual activity on our physical and emotional health are many and science begins to specify in detail. The benefits of sexual activity, of course, occur in men as in women.

It is proven that the practice of sexual activity significantly influences in everyday life, that is because they have an active and enjoyable sexual life brings numerous benefits to the body: strengthens the immune system, prevents heart disease and certain cancers, fights depression and stress, stimulates memory, raises self-esteem, lose weight, rejuvenate and produce a feeling of general wellbeing.

Benefits of sexual activity on our hormonal system:
The desire sexual releases hormones that increase sexual desire (estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men), epinephrine increases heart rate and stimulates circulation by increasing oxygen delivery to cells, and pheromones, hormones of pleasure also have a vasodilator effect. As the excitement grows comes in endorphin, a hormone that creates a sense of pleasure and a state of euphoria to reach the maximum level in orgasm. In women during climax also releases oxytocin, a hormone responsible for the uterus and increase the intensity of orgasm. At this moment of maximum peak nerve cells in the brain causing electrical discharge their contents, once passed, the physical and mental relaxation.

Other benefits of sexual activity- increase defenses:
Maintaining a sexual activity with a certain frequency causes increased discharge of hormones that increase production of antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria, and those that serve as gatekeepers who control any unexpected reaction in the body. Experts say that among other benefits, people who are sexually active have regular immunoglobulin levels 35% higher, an antibody that helps fight infection. The men reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by ejaculating more than four days a week, and among women decreases the likelihood of breast cancer by increasing levels of oxytocin produced during orgasm.

Sexual activity prevents heart problems:
The adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, blood poured adrenaline, increasing heart rate and stimulates circulation. The heart reaches 130 beats per minute in medium intensity exercises. The arteries dilate thus increasing the absorption of oxygen, which prevents heart disease. There are also some studies indicating that growth hormone and testosterone involved in sexual stimulation reduce or prevent the risk of any coronary disease.

Sexual activity relieves pain:
According to studies on the benefits of sexual activity during orgasm women can tolerate the pain up to 100% more, i.e. one hand due to vaginal G-spot stimulation increases pain threshold, the release of endorphins disconnected for several minutes, the nerve endings responsible for pain and increased oxytocin, which also increase sexual desire, has the ability to relieve pain.

Benefits of sexual activity on an emotional level:
Sexual activity increases self-esteem, providing emotional stability, improved interpersonal relationships, we feel loved and attractive. Besides the relaxed state that we experience after orgasm produces a pleasant feeling of well being that makes us face our problems and concerns in a more optimistic, greatly reducing anxiety, stress and tension.

However, these benefits of sexual activity can be significantly reduced when relationships are unsatisfactory or have casual encounters, since not having a steady boyfriend expectancy increases and tension, so there is more risk for emotional problems. Depending on how you take your sexual life that uncertainty about whether going back to have a relationship and when, can create anxiety and stress.
Sexual activity an antidote to depression

Before and during sexual releases endorphins into the bloodstream, these hormones also regulate sleep; create a state of euphoria and a feeling of wellbeing. They also release oxytocin, a hormone that raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals related to mood and wellbeing.

Visual benefits of sexual activity:
With the practice of releasing sexual hormones, including estrogens, which cause increased secretion of water and oil from the sweat glands, which helps keep skin hydrated and protected and hair stronger and brighter. Also during orgasm there is a greater pumping oxygen to tissues which improves blood flow and hence nutrients to skin cells. Orgasm in women also stimulates the production of a growth hormone, which favors that have a more youthful.

The practice of sexual activity is an exercise that strengthens and stimulates most body muscles, repetitive movements during relation helps to strengthen the chest, legs and abdomen. It also helps to lose weight because during relation burn between 100 to 200 calories which is equivalent to a 20 minute walk. Furthermore, the increase of estrogen in women strengthens bones, and testosterone in men improves muscle mass and prevents osteoporosis.

The practice of sexual activity is a good remedy for fighting cellulite, because it improves blood circulation which facilitates the elimination of toxins and fluid.

Kissing encourages saliva to clean teeth and reduce the amount of acid that causes decay of the enamel.

By adrianna smith
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