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Sletrokor and weight loss how easy and safe is it
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  Fast and easy weight loss is what everyone seems to want. Yet, the extra weight will not leave that easy just like it did not happen all at once.


What’s the real score for fast weight loss? Nutrition experts say that a weight loss between 1-2 pounds a week is healthy and doable. However, some dieters want to make it faster. A loss of 5 pounds in a month does not impress them. Yet, the experts say that accomplishing this weight loss is already amazing.


It’s also healthier for an obese person to lose 5 pounds a month. Fast weight loss not only loses the fat from weight, the muscle can also be compromised. Bariatric patients that lose as much as 18 pounds a month are directly under a doctor’s supervision. This is to ensure that muscle-wasting will not happen along with other serious medical complications.


Doing the weight loss on your own present varied factors to either make you can do it fast or slow.


Your present weight determines your metabolic rate


Your metabolic rate is determined by your present weight. The metabolic rate is higher with overweight people. This means that eating less means more calories burned. Obese people that cut their daily calorie intake burn them more efficiently than normal-weight people.


Past history of losing weight


It is an unfortunate situation for obese people who have taken off unwanted weight in the past only to gain it back. It’s because the drop in metabolic rate has become lower than it should have. This is the reason obese people have a harder time losing regained weight than doing it for the first time.


Lifestyle change


The more changes are done in the lifestyle, the more weight is lost. People that are already into healthy eating habits would expect a slower weight loss. Melting the pounds away fast happens with drastic lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes range from diet and sleeping habits. Stress and sleep are contributing factors that greatly impact the weight loss goal.


Sticking to the weight loss goal


Weight loss will eventually hit a plateau. This is because metabolism slows down as weight drops down. Losing weight becomes slower and sluggish compared to the first weeks. It should be remembered that the dramatic weight loss that happened during the first week is not due to the fat loss but rather to water loss. Reducing the carbohydrate intake leads to losing water weight.


The role hormones play in the weight loss


Losing weight, among other things, are engineered by the hormones of the body. Water retention and weight gain happen to people with high Cortisol hormone levels or abnormal thyroid problems. Insulin resistance can make it hard for a person to lose weight. Women hitting their menopausal stage will gain more tummy fat when she does not make any lifestyle change.


Your exercise program


Strength training is the best choice to go for when a person wants to achieve metabolically active and lean muscles. Weight loss might slow down a bit when a dieter undergoes strength training. It’s because the buildup of muscle mass is heavier than fat.


Genetics also play a part


Losing weight is impacted by more than 200 minor genes and 20 major genes in the body. Knowing more about your genetics means taking a long look at your family tree to give you the much-needed knowledge and insights towards weight gain and loss.


Sleeping habits


The metabolic rate of the body is also controlled by the amount of sleep you get every night. Slower metabolisms happen to people who only get less than 7 hours snooze time every night. Poor quality sleep, no matter how long also results in food cravings and sluggish metabolism. Sleep apnea should be treated when it is present. It is one factor that leads to weight gain.




The older you are the slower and harder it is to lose weight. Muscle mass loss that normally occurs as age advances is the major culprit. The secondary is the imbalanced hormones. Yet, aggressive exercise such as strength training and a diet packed with muscle-building protein leads to weight loss.


Can diet pills spell hasten weight loss?


Diet pills became big business because people want to quickly lose weight. The obesity problem that has become pandemic encouraged the manufacture of diet pills. Nowadays, the market is flooded with all brands and kinds of diet pills that promise to take off unwanted weight quickly and easily.


However, diet pills alone will not take off the weight if you also don’t do your part. Diet pills should only serve as one of the tools and not the miracle weight loss pill. A healthy diet, a good exercise program, and a diet pill can take off the weight quickly.


Just remember to consult your doctor before you start taking a diet pill.


Go with the all-natural diet supplement such as Sletrokor


Alternative diet supplements give you a better chance of safe and effective weight loss. It is because going natural means less or zero side effects.


One of the best, if not the best, diet supplement to hit the market is Sletrokor. The product was awarded as the best diet pill of 2017 which is already saying great about the product.


A product of 18Nutrition, Sletrokor is a diet supplement that completes the company’s line of healthy and natural weight loss supplements. 18Nutrition is an American company with a facility located in Los Angeles, California. Using Sletrokor along with their meal replacement shake and fast metabolism supplement quickly propels you to your weight loss goal.


This is because using Sletrokor will:


—       Lead to cholesterol health

—       Increase the serotonin levels

—       Suppress appetite

—       Jacks up metabolic rates

—       Lowers blood pressure

—       Boost the immune system

—       Lower the leptin levels


The ingredients in Sletrokor that back the weight loss claim


Weight loss is easily and quickly achieved with the help of the all-natural ingredients in Sletrokor.


Cascara Sagrada is a mild laxative that Native Americans used to treat various stomach disorders. The integration of this ingredient in Sletrokor leads to an enhanced digestive system. Food is quickly broken down with excess eliminated.


Gymnema Sylvestre strikes a balance in the levels of insulin by fighting off accumulated sugar in the body. Balanced or lowered insulin levels lead to weight loss.


Aloe Vera provides a surprising benefit to weight loss. The plant is not only beneficial to various skin problems but also a mild laxative. It has been discovered that constipation problems are quickly cleared up with aloe vera.


Garcinia Cambogia contains a potent component called HCA. HCA has been found to effectively suppress the appetite. Other benefits gained from HCA include:


—       Elimination of bad cholesterol

—       Reduction of triglyceride levels

—       Increased excretion of fat metabolites in the urine

—       Increase of serotonin levels


Can you lose weight with Sletrokor? Yes, you can. Can Sletrokor alone make you lose weight? The product says it can make a person lose weight with or without diet and exercise. Is this claim too good to be true? Real people, reviews say they have lost weight even without dieting and exercising. This may be true, but healthy weight loss also means using healthy ways to do so.

By Sophia Addison Writer
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Sophia Addison Writer


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