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Ways to Make Your Health Your Number 1 Priority
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Your health should be your number 1 priority at all times. Have time for a regular check-up despite your busy schedule. Prevention is better than cure, right? Many diseases can be prevented if it is addressed right away. During a check-up, the medical doctor will have to check your vital signs, examine your medical history, your lifestyle routines, etc. This kind of assessment will help the doctor determine whether you have risk factors for developing a disease. Here are some ways to make your health your number 1 priority.

Set Achievable Goals

You have to set a goal that you think you can achieve. Set a deadline but do not feel pressured when you can’t do it right away. However, if it involves your health and wellness, make sure you do it and it is achievable. Create a meal plan that you can eat the next day so your time won’t get wasted preparing your food specifically if you have work.

Keep Your Stress Levels Down

Stress is causing a lot of chronic diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes. To keep your stress levels down, do something that you enjoy doing. Go to a spa and find time to exercise. Also, choose the right kind of food. Food plays a major role in your goal of keeping your stress levels down. Pick ones that have calming effect. For instance, carrots, chocolate, fatty fish and yogurt. If you want to know more about the food items that are good for you, consult a nutritionist.

Make a new habit

Focus on your new habit and do the best way possible to reach it. Take in a meal plan that is healthy and easy to prepare. It should only take a few minutes to do specifically if you are busy and you do not have time to cook meals for yourself and your family. Remove canned goods in your pantry and replace it with healthier food choices. Set a daily reminder on your mobile phone of your new habit so you will keep reminded, whether it is food or an exercise routine. Add some positivity to your new habit because it will help you to become more motivated, and some training aids to help you with your health and wellness  goals.


You have to stay committed in your goal of having a healthy lifestyle. Do not stop when you do not see results right away in your weight-loss journey. You will reap the long-term benefits if you make it a part of your daily lifestyle.


Make health your number 1 priority so you can take of yourself and the people around you. Eat right, exercise and get a regular check-up. If you not have work, do not spend it in front of the computer. Spend quality time with your family. Plan a relaxing time, for instance, going to a beach, movie or park. Encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle, too.

By Sophia Addison
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Sophia Addison


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