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Health News - Genetics

Differential gene expression in proximal and distal nerve segments after sciatic nerve injury
Wallerian degeneration is a subject of major interest in neuroscience. A large number of genes are differentially regulated during the distinct stages of Wallerian degeneration: transcription... (Medical News Today)

RNA identified that regulates cell death has implications for cancer
Scientists were able to effect a 10-fold reduction in the volume of subcutaneous malignant tumors by administering local injections of a plasmid containing an RNA that modulates the action of an... (Medical News Today)

The role of the protein progerin in atherosclerosis
Since evidence of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) has been discovered in ancient human mummies, attention has been focused on possible causative factors other than those related to modern... (Medical News Today)

Susceptibility to atherosclerosis comes from our genes but environment determines its speed and severity
In the editorial introducing this month's edition of Global Heart (the journal of the World Heart Federation), the authors ask: "Why do humans develop atherosclerosis? (Medical News Today)

How foremost anticancer 'guardian' protein learned to switch sides
Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) have discovered a new function of the body's most important tumor-suppressing protein. (Medical News Today)

The best course of action after prostate cancer surgery indicated by genomic analysis
There is controversy over how best to treat patients after they've undergone surgery for prostate cancer. (Medical News Today)

An easier method to create DNA-protein conjugates can potentially strengthen the work involved in diagnosing diseases
DNA linked to proteins - including antibodies - provides a strong partnership that can be used in diagnostic techniques, nanotechnology and other disciplines. (Medical News Today)

Adaptive behavior important in inherited intellectual disability syndrome
Standard scores measuring "adaptive behavior" in boys with fragile X syndrome tend to decline during childhood and adolescence, the largest longitudinal study of the inherited disorder to date has... (Medical News Today)

'New drug target for leukemia identified'
The largest ever genetic analysis of childhood blood cancer has unveiled a strand of RNA that could be targeted by drugs to slow progression of leukemia. (Medical News Today)

Worldwide spread of beneficial blood cell gene variant tracked
Two beneficial variants of a gene controlling red blood cell development have spread from Africa into nearly all human populations across the globe, according to a new study led by King's College... (Medical News Today)

MicroRNA-124 promotes the neuronal differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play an important regulatory role in the self-renewal and differentiation of stem cells. Dr. (Medical News Today)

New study reveals how a potential HIV drug exacts its toll on viral populations
Fifteen years ago, MIT professor John Essigmann and colleagues from the University of Washington had a novel idea for an HIV drug. (Medical News Today)

Irreversible inhibitor for KRAS gene mutation identified by cancer researchers
UT Southwestern Medical Center cancer researchers have found a molecule that selectively and irreversibly interferes with the activity of a mutated cancer gene common in 30 percent of tumors. (Medical News Today)

Could a simple blood test predict risk of suicide?
Johns Hopkins researchers have found a chemical alteration in a gene involved in stress responses that they say could help create a blood test to predict suicide risk. (Medical News Today)

Potential biomarker identified for Alzheimer's disease
Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) report variants in a new gene, PLXNA4, which may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD). (Medical News Today)

Genetic mutations linked to salivary gland tumors
Research conducted at the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has discovered links between a set of genes known to promote tumor growth and mucoepidermoid carcinoma, an oral... (Medical News Today)

Next-generation sequencing used to rapidly identify pathogens
He calls himself the bug hunter, but the target of his work consists of viruses that can only be found and identified with special methods and instruments. (Medical News Today)

Reducing nicotine in tobacco products could lead to an increase in DNA damage
A new in vitro study has revealed that nicotine and cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, can potentially inhibit DNA damage caused by a certain carcinogen in smoke. (Medical News Today)

Epimutations enable bacteria and fungi to adapt to an unfavorable environment
Microorganisms like bacteria and fungi can evade treatment by acquiring mutations in the genes targeted by antibiotics or antifungal drugs. (Medical News Today)

Smartphone app could simplify diagnosis of hereditary diseases
Researchers have created a smartphone app - called Phenomizer - that scans thousands of characteristics of hereditary diseases to present doctors with the most likely diagnosis. (Medical News Today)

What does 'a healthy human' look like? Google want to know
Google - working with teams from Stanford and Duke Universities - have embarked on an ambitious data-mining project to define the genetic components of good health. (Medical News Today)

Scientists discover genetic switch that can prevent peripheral vascular disease in mice
Millions of people in the United States have a circulatory problem of the legs called peripheral vascular disease. It can be painful and may even require surgery in serious cases. (Medical News Today)

Cancer can be driven by epigenetic changes
Cancer has long been thought to be primarily a genetic disease, but in recent decades scientists have come to believe that epigenetic changes - which don't change the DNA sequence but how it is... (Medical News Today)

Genetics involved with menarche may hold keys to preventing diabetes or osteoporosis in later life
A novel study shows that the age girls reach puberty is influenced by 'imprinted genes' - a subset of genes whose activity differs depending on which parent contributes the gene. (Medical News Today)

A possible future therapy for obesity and diabetes via manipulation of key protein in the brain
A protein that controls when genes are switched on or off plays a key role in specific areas of the brain to regulate metabolism, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found. (Medical News Today)

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