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Health News - Genetics

The eyes of flies reveal abnormal properties of cancer protein
Mutations in the human retinoblastoma protein gene are a leading cause of eye cancer. (Medical News Today)

Chromosome buffers should improve understanding of melanoma
Buffers that guard against damage to the ends of chromosomes could hold the key to a better understanding of malignant melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer - according to new research from... (Medical News Today)

The injection of statin promotes bone growth in mice with achondroplasia symptoms
Skeletal dysplasia is a group of rare diseases that afflict skeletal growth through abnormalities in bone and cartilage. Its onset hits at the fetal stage and is caused by genetic mutations. (Medical News Today)

Colorectal cancer relapses may be predicted by expression of five genes
Researchers at the Catalan Institute of Oncology-Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (ICO-IDIBELL), led by David Garcia-MollevĂ­ have identified 5 genes differentially expressed in normal... (Medical News Today)

Angelina effect: health news of celebrities 'has long-term effects for public health care'
After Angelina Jolie's announcement of a double mastectomy after testing positive for a BRCA1 gene mutation last year, researchers say genetic testing referrals more than doubled. (Medical News Today)

Cancer resistance may one day be treated with epigenetic drugs
High school biology taught us that we inherit certain traits from our parents that are pre-determined. (Medical News Today)

Jawless fish genes tell us about human brain evolution
Lamprey are primitive, jawless fish that occupy a key place in the vertebrate evolutionary tree. Now a study of their genes reveals insights into the origins of the human brain. (Medical News Today)

Global team finds new genetic variants that raise risk of prostate cancer
A large international meta-analysis that pooled data on over 87,000 men reveals 23 new genetic variants that raise risk of prostate cancer by 3-6 times the average. (Medical News Today)

Endocrine-related protein found to be master regulator in other important diseases
Investigating a protein known to be involved in regulating human glucose levels, genomic scientists found that this factor has a broader reach than first thought, acting on key gene pathways... (Medical News Today)

Rare gene variant identified that reduces triglyceride levels
Research using data collected from around 4,000 healthy people in the UK has enabled scientists to identify a rare genetic variant that dramatically reduces levels of certain types of lipids in the... (Medical News Today)

Learning to talk is in the genes
Researchers have found evidence that genetic factors may contribute to the development of language during infancy. (Medical News Today)

Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of aggressive subtypes of breast cancer
African-American women who have children but do not breastfeed have a higher risk for estrogen receptor and triple-negative breast cancer, a new study suggests. (Medical News Today)

Antibiotics found in human body bacteria
A new study shows how the bacteria that live on and in our bodies contain genetic recipes for molecules that act like drugs, some of which may have antibiotic potential. (Medical News Today)

Prenatal risk assessment tool for foetal genetic disorders only available in a handful of clinics in Abu Dhabi
Screening and diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities in a foetus has seen a dramatic shift over the last 30 years or so. (Medical News Today)

New genetic variants indicate risk for prostate cancer: international study
An international study co-led by Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) scientists and researchers in the United Kingdom has revealed 23 new genetic susceptibility... (Medical News Today)

Potential for targeted treatments with new knowledge of genes driving bladder cancer
The story of cancer care seems so simple: find the mutated gene that causes cancer and turn it off or fix it. But rarely does a single gene cause cancer. (Medical News Today)

Discovery of 23 new genetic variants associated with increased risk of prostate cancer
Scientists can now explain one-third of the inherited risk of prostate cancer, after a major international study identified 23 new genetic variants associated with increased risk of the disease. (Medical News Today)

Improved means of detecting mismatched DNA has implications for forensic science and donor organ monitoring
Researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified a highly sensitive means of analyzing very tiny amounts of DNA. (Medical News Today)

Reproductive cell division has a mechanical safeguard against errors
Reproductive cell division has evolved a simple, mechanical solution to avoid chromosome sorting errors, researchers report in the journal Science Express. (Medical News Today)

Which was the fatal blow that killed Richard III?
A forensic analysis of the skeletal remains of King Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, suggests he was slain by a stab wound and blow to the head. (Medical News Today)

Accurate test for aggressive prostate cancer steps closer with genetic study
New study that shows there is a 9 in 10 chance of prostate cancer returning in patients who carry certain genes opens door to more accurate testing and new treatments. (Medical News Today)

Accuracy of genetic analyses demonstrated by worldwide study
Physicians envision a future in which genomic data from patients is heavily used to manage care - but experts have questioned the accuracy and reliability of these analyses. (Medical News Today)

Physicians reluctant to provide genetics assessment in routine care
Primary care providers report many challenges to integrating genetics services into routine primary care, according to research published in Genetics in Medicine. (Medical News Today)

New cellular connection makes scientific history
Researchers led by Dr. Helen McNeill at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute have revealed an exciting and unusual biochemical connection. (Medical News Today)

Therapy targeting BRAFV600E mutation could inhibit aggressive growth of melanoma tumors
Dartmouth researchers have found that the genetic mutation BRAFV600E , frequently found in metastatic melanoma, not only secretes a protein that promotes the growth of melanoma tumor cells, but can... (Medical News Today)

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