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Health News - Mental Health

Suicide experts recommend research into early behavioral detection, interventions, use of mass media, and other areas
In a new supplement to the September issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, experts address the state of the science on suicide prevention and provide useful recommendations for... (Medical News Today)

'Diseases of synapses' demo'd in a dish
Researchers have long suspected that major mental disorders are genetically-rooted diseases of synapses - the connections between neurons. (Medical News Today)

Mental health conditions in new moms and dads can be spurred by 'super-parent' cultural pressures
Mental health experts in the past three decades have emphasized the dangers of post-partum depression for mothers, but a University of Kansas researcher says expanding awareness of several other... (Medical News Today)

Childhood disability rates highest recorded, children's hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC finds
The percentage of children with disabilities due to neurodevelopmental or mental health conditions continues to rise, particularly among children in more socially advantaged households, according... (Medical News Today)

Many nervous system mechanisms shared in human and animal parenting
Strong evidence now shows that human and animal parenting share many nervous system mechanisms. (Medical News Today)

Substance abuse in developing countries needs to be addressed by global public health objectives
Substance addiction is a large and growing problem for developing societies. (Medical News Today)

Increased teen suicide attempts linked to mass layoffs
Mass layoffs may trigger increased suicide attempts and other suicide-related behaviors among some teenagers, says new research from Duke University. (Medical News Today)

Genetic computer network inference model could lead to earlier diagnosis, treatment of mental diseases
A computer science and engineering associate professor and her doctoral student graduate are using a genetic computer network inference model that eventually could predict whether a person will... (Medical News Today)

PTSD can develop even without memory of the trauma
There are many forms of memory and only some of these may be critical for the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), reports a new study by researchers at the University at Albany and... (Medical News Today)

Prayer doesn't ease symptoms of anxiety-related disorders for everyone
Whether the problem is health, enemies, poverty or difficulty with aging, "Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there," suggested the late gospel musician Charles A. Tindley. (Medical News Today)

Poor sleep quality associated with increased suicide risk in older adults
Reported poor sleep quality, independent of a depressed mood, appears to be associated with an increased risk for suicide in older adults. (Medical News Today)

How memory is processed 'may influence risk of PTSD'
A study into memory and PTSD by a survivor of a 2001 Air Transat emergency finds that people who display altered recollection of general events may be more likely to develop PTSD. (Medical News Today)

Verbal abuse of older adults: a disturbing influence on quality of life
Newly published research from Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect (Routledge) has determined that verbal mistreatment is a highly prevalent concern among older adults in primary care clinics because... (Medical News Today)

Suicide rates among military personnel, veterans, higher in those who suffered trauma before enlistment
High rates of suicide among military service members and veterans may be related to traumatic experiences they had before enlisting, making them more vulnerable to suicidal behavior when coping with... (Medical News Today)

Will losing weight really make you happier?
A new study finds that - despite the improvements to physical health - there is no clear psychological benefit associated with losing weight. (Medical News Today)

Coping skills help women overcome the mental anguish of unwanted body evaluation and sexual advances
Some young women simply have more resilience and better coping skills and can shrug off the effect of unwanted cat calls, demeaning looks and sexual advances. (Medical News Today)

Narcissism can be diagnosed 'with a single question'
The standard questionnaire for diagnosing narcissism involves 40 questions. Now, researchers believe they can reliably diagnose this personality disorder with just one question. (Medical News Today)

Adult health of a child adversely affected by having a family member jailed
New research shows that people who grew up in a household where a member was incarcerated have an 18-percent greater risk of experiencing poor health quality than adults who did not have a family... (Medical News Today)

Scientists find what happiness adds up to with new equation
An equation able to accurately predict how happy people will say they are has been calculated by scientists, who found that expectations held more influence than outcomes. (Medical News Today)

Comedy succeeds 'when humor and emotion are linked'
The relationship between comic and audience is 'complex' and 'symbiotic,' according to a new study that describes the interaction between humor and emotion in stand-up comedy. (Medical News Today)

Depression in early childhood can persist into adolescence
Children diagnosed with depression as preschoolers are likely to suffer from depression as school-age children and young adolescents, new research shows. (Medical News Today)

Home stresses linked to alcoholism in National Guard
Could civilian stresses increase the risk of alcoholism in returning National Guard soldiers regardless of traumas suffered during active service? (Medical News Today)

Mental health and sleep in teenagers: chicken and the egg
TEENAGERS are launched onto a slippery slope of insomnia and poor mental health once they start delaying their bed times according to a new university study from South Australia. (Medical News Today)

Internet search engines as both an aid and a danger for people at risk of suicide
If someone is thinking about suicide, the Internet often serves as a source of information. (Medical News Today)

Exercising helps depressed smokers quit
People diagnosed with depression need to step out for a cigarette twice as often as smokers who are not dealing with a mood disorder. (Medical News Today)

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