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Healing with the Elderly

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Recently I was asked to join team members of a company in giving volunteer Reflexology to a community of elderly ladies in a township in Johannesburg. As our team leader said, it is days like this where we receive the healing from those we are able to help. 

I worked basic reflexology on each individual lady and explained tips on how they can help themselves and their families.  I have committed to a two page brief document in simple English, explaining basic reflexology for all, especially the children and will send them to the community centre to give to those who are interested.

Some of these wonderful blessed wise women spoke softly of having lost their own children to sad circumstances and being left with their grand children to look after and their main concern being how much time do they have to make sure their grand children receive the best they can give.  This is a true story felt in every corner of the world.  Whilst I was massaging and working with their hands, some could not believe the feeling of receiving such a wonderful therapy, a therapy of which most had no idea even existed.  A few of the ladies had been nurses in their day and of course our conversations extended to the anatomy and physiology of Reflexology and my hope is these ladies explain in more detail of how it works, to their ‘sisters' and families.

The question we all need to ask ourselves, what skill do you have that you do not use and can give to others to learn from.  It is communities like these that are desperate for natural healing, simply because they cannot afford too many visits to their medical centre and I emphasize the fact that Reflexology along with many other healing modalities and treatments which have been in use for thousands of years, are not exclusive but for the purpose of healing everyone across every culture and in every walk of life on this earth.

By Jill Fisher Therapeutic Reflexology (Dip. SA)
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Author: Therapeutic Reflexology (Dip. SA)

Biography: Community Volunteer in giving Reflexology to disabled children for the past two years.

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