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Meditate on Happiness
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As my body and mind began to heal not only through my own change of lifestyle, but also through healing with others and the more I worked with those children, who through unfortunate and very sad circumstances experienced in their own lives, the more I began to understand the deeper connection of energy between body, mind and spirit.  It was on this journey that I was taken into the wonderful world of Meditation and Yoga.  How, I wondered, can I keep this happy feeling in a memory and make it work for me on demand, in keeping me elevated in mind! As I learned the art of Meditation with the teachers of Ananda, I began to understand the importance of calm breathing. Counting the lengths of my breath helped keep my focus away from my anxiety and took me into the most amazing deep experience in the sound of my breath. It was and still is mesmerizing. As I deepened the length of my breaths, I began to feel this amazing happy feeling rise up my spine.  My teachers at Ananda explained that I was raising my level of consciousness to a happier place which can only be found in the frontal part of my brain, between my eyebrows and called the spiritual eye.  As I continued to immerse myself in my technique of breathing, I suddenly found myself happily centered at the Spiritual eye.  Sitting quietly, gently listening to my breathing, I knew I had found my happy place, where I can become centered once again.

It is said that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening.  

But meditation starts with listening to the breath which helps free the mind of all thoughts.  Posture is important and although for me, an armless chair is far more comfortable, some might enjoy to sit on the floor on cushions or a meditation bench.   Aim for a straight spine away from the back of the chair, palms up on the thighs, feet firmly planted on the floor or cushion, ensuring hips and knees are aligned. Ear plugs do help keep out noise. The journey truly begins as you close your eyes and look to the horizon.  Now,  begin breathing deeply through your nostrils to the count of four, taking your time and enjoying that sound.  Holding the breath for the count of four and feeling an amazing energy at your spiritual eye, then exhaling to the count of four, letting all the air out naturally.  I only need a few rounds of these before I gracefully move into a quiet and peaceful rhythm of breathing, taking me into my 'happy place'.   At times, if my mind throws around thoughts, I gently ease myself into the happiest memory I remember returning me with a smile, to that place of Peace and Harmony.  Now I am ready to share that peaceful and calm energy with everyone I meet in my day. 

May you enjoy many healing moments on this journey in meditation.

By Jill Fisher Reflexology (Cert. SA),
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Reflexology with meditation helps speed up the process of healing in mind and body.

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