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Healthy Living without the Dis-ease
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When we come across a person who shows such anger on their faces, or speaks angrily in public, one can only wonder what lesson in their life do they not want to learn. It is that stress and anger that turns inward and the physical pain and discomfort is called Dis-Ease and this is normally where the body starts to talk to us, telling us of the discomfort it feels from all of the anger and stress and if not checked and dealt with immediately, can turn into a form of Disease often followed by urgent medical care.

This is why Complimentary Therapies are so important throughout life and can help first of all by easing stress, bringing balance to the body, mind and bodily functions consequently encouraging one to live a more healthy lifestyle.  Look up each Therapy and understand how they can help you. Reflexologists encourage clients to learn how to work Reflexology on their hands.

One of the main stress offenders is hatred either of one's job, another person, lifestyle, and so the list goes on. We often hear these people constantly complaining about everything in their life and sadly from there it becomes a passion of hatred. If you know of anyone like this, encourage them to seek a Holistic Therapy for relaxation. A simple back massage can do wonders and can turn one's thoughts positively.

One message I have for anyone who is going through this right now is to rather have the realisation that if you hate your job, then re-think what it is you would truly enjoy working in because more than likely it is there where you will find complete enjoyment, fulfilment and an abundance of Blessings.  This is also very true of those who stand up and give talks on their life experiences and their journey to doing what they love and enjoy in the present.

This is my Holistic approach towards realising your inner truth and working in what you love and it all starts with your healing from within.

By Jill Fisher Reflexologist
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Jill Fisher Reflexologist


Biography: Reflexology includes, meridian therapy, metamorphic technique, touch points,energy healing, and the chakras all encourage balance of mind and body and a healthier lifestyle.

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