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When the body speaks

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Sometimes a sharp pain here or there, bloated, tired or even earache, are all indications that all is not well in the body. Do we dash to our Health Practitioner and demand a quick fix because one is just so busy and has so much to do and does not have 'time' to stay off work, or do we listen to our Health Practitioner and our body and simply take time off, go to bed to rest and heal which has always been the good old fashioned way of dealing with the onset of flu. Adverts are changing with the times encouraging ‘time out’ when unwell and perhaps take a ‘hot toddy’ to cope with a high temperature. Complimentary Therapies teach us how to listen to our bodies and when to take that 'time out'.

Sometimes it can be difficult to notice when a child is unwell, especially in a busy and crowded environment with so much happening at once. Family time each day is so important, even for the single mom where one can switch off and focus only on your children. Listen to their complaints, pay attention to their needs, let your intuition be your guide and especially ensure they drink plenty of fluids daily. Complimentary Therapies are there to encourage healing from within, especially in the children and as such we encourage all families to learn about these healing modalities and encourage healing, peace and harmony from within the home and in turn this encourages a balanced and healthy lifestyle bringing about satisfying positive life choices.

During this time of humbling economies in every part of the world, keep up a healthy eating lifestyle and encourage your family to snack daily on vegetables and fruit to maintain healthy levels of natural vitamins and fibre within the body.

Vitamin C is so important and helps keep up the body’s defences against rampant viruses. It just might be a case of returning to the basics and living a more simplistic life style which is far less expensive. Show your children how to grow a vegetable patch in the garden or in a pot and let them learn to maintain it which encourages a deep respect in the value of good health, values and harmony in which to shape their future.

By Jill Fisher Reflexology (Dip.), Therapeutic Crystal Massage (Cert.)
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Jill Fisher Reflexology (Dip.), Therapeutic Crystal Massage (Cert.)

Author: Reflexology (Dip.), Therapeutic Crystal Massage (Cert.)

Biography: Volunteer Reflexology to disabled and disadvantaged children which includes introducing different healing modalities to help in the healing and growth of these children through articles and radio podcast.

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