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Slow down and take it all in

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On the many occasions I have driven on a long journey and sometimes in all weathers, I tend to want to hurry to get there or hurry to get back. But this last time I really did take a slower and more intuitive journey, stopping at places of interest and taking more care to give myself a little stretch including a short therapeutic foot massage.  With the result I noticed my surroundings and the beauty therein and amazingly recognised signs of progress in my own spiritual journey.

It is true that signs are put in front of us every day to give us guidance, but because of the constant driven standards in the workplace to become efficient, speedy and of course be performance rated on these very same ways, when we need to slow down on the much needed ‘time out', our brains still ‘don't get it'...

Writing down manifestations in this fast frame of mind, seems to only touch on the shallow needs.  But what about the deep inner needs of healing, love and spirituality.  These are the very important signs that are given to us daily through the aches and pains of our bodies.  We choose what we eat and oft times based on an urgent desire to quench a craving from a tired and worn out body the after effects can be very uncomfortable. 

Fill your fridge with wholesome vegetables and fruit of goodness and colour.  Take note of the colours you choose as they relate to an inner desire of healing.

Enjoy your quiet moments as Blessings and feel inner Joy and Peace at being given such harmony and quiet.  All your reflections no matter how positive or negative are actually ‘Blessings in disguise", to set you on your path. Write those words of forgiveness, love, manifestations of your own true inner desires and remember, 'for your own highest good', then let them go to the Universe and 'move on'.

Visit your nearest community centre or hospital and give your time to those who are less fortunate than you. 

And don't forget during your ‘quiet time', massage your feet or your hands and remember we were all given unique sole prints, so look after them.

By Jill Fisher Therapeutic Reflexology, Crystal Massage,
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Author: Therapeutic Reflexology, Crystal Massage,

Biography: Therapeutic Reflexology, Crystal Massage, Energy Healing Therapist.

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