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Is Cloud Chasing the Future of Vaping
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Vaping is quickly gaining traction, and the best vape brands as voted by Vaping360have become more of a lifestyle and sport than just a way of eliminating traditional cigarettes. Cloud chasing is a combination of science and art with competitions around the world that attract thousands of cloud spectators. The goal in these competitions is simple: to exhale the thickest, most prominent and boldest plumes of vapor.

Some of the biggest competitions in the United States win prices ranging from free gear to thousands of dollars on the offering. So, if this is the trend right now, is Cloud Chasing the Future of Vaping? Let’s find out how it works and how you can exhale the most profuse vapor clouds.

How Does Cloud Chasing Work?

With cloud chasing, people use low-resistance coils like stainless steel, nickel, kanthal or titanium. Kanthal is the most popular option for most cloud chasers. Next, the cloud chaser places a wick made out of cotton high VG in the e-liquid. 

For thick fumes, a cloud chaser will use a mesh mod with a powerful battery to heat the coil. Consequently, the wick will bring in the liquid and turn it to vapor. The process may sound simple, but it's complicated and requires expertise and skill. As a rule of thumb, beginners must never try this as it can be dangerous.

How to Exhale the Biggest Vapor Clouds

Everyone can enjoy vaping, but cloud chasing is not for everyone. Just like the way Formula One is not for every driver, cloud chasing is a reserve for the few. The practice of cloud chasing is so dangerous that a vaper risks their personal safety.

For a cloud chaser to exhale the densest vapor, there are some factors you need to consider. Let’s talk about some of them.

1. Build your coil

If you want to produce thick clouds of vapor, you need to build a full loop that will feature a large surface area and lower resistance. A compressed coil gets extremely hot and allows more current to pass through it for more vapor.

2. Choose the Right Battery

Powerful batteries have a high discharge rate and perform for extended periods. The cells need to be of high-quality to bear immense thrashing. Additionally, have prior knowledge of the batteries and their limit so that you’ll not risk your life or those surrounding you,

3. Adjust the Airflow

The lower the coil resistance, the more airflow your device will require. The amount of airflow directly links to the detention of the coil, and this is where you need to find a sweet spot.  Little airflow decreases the amount of vapor while too much airflow brings about a spread cloud.

4. Common Vaping Gear

Vapers with customizable mechanical MODS and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) experience a euphoric, full cloud chasing. If you’re new to cloud chasing, we recommend starting with sub ohm tanks and regulated mods since only experienced cloud chasers can safely handleRDAs and mech MODS.

Cloud chasing is a futuristic sport, and it all boils down to genetics – people with healthy lungs blow the thickest plumes.

By Ella Maclin
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Ella Maclin


Biography: I am Ella Maclin from the United States and I would love to share some different things.

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