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Organic CBD vs Inorganic CBD - Why Does It Matter
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While shopping for your next CBD oil, you must understand the difference between organic CBD and inorganic CBD. These two terms are quite opposite to each other and so is their nature.

Needless to say, organic CBD oil is a healthier option and is costlier than inorganic one. However, it is worth the price because the organic ones are most of the time unadulterated. There are several proven facts which show organic CBD oil performs better than inorganic ones.

Understanding organic CBD oil

When you are seeing organic CBD oil it means it is of much higher standard and are ideally cold pressed. This means that the chemical composition of the natural ingredient has not been altered for preservation and the oil is obtained by the best method possible. This also means that the organic hemp was cultivated without any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

The organic ones have been cultivated under specialised conditions laid down by the US government. Moreover, as per the law even the soil cannot be chemically treated with any chemicals or synthetic growth hormones. The soil must be maintained naturally through crop rotation and natural available fertilizers.

Lastly, the hemp seeds cannot be obtained from genetically modified plants and has to come from natural plantations. When all these criteria match then the label organic is given to the CBD oil. Any company who fails to adhere to such terms and conditions has a high chance of losing the organic certificate awarded to them.

These higher standards do not stop at the cultivation stage. After the plants are manually harvested these seeds are even subjected to strict conditions. During harvest and packing all synthetic and chemicals should not be even in the 20-meter radius of the crop. The process of packaging is also elaborate and each and every seed goes through vacuum packaging before extraction.

Why does Organic CBD oil matters?

These days organic is relatively a new term. This is a process of standardisation and quality control. The term processed organic means that it is purely fit for human consumption and is the best graded stuff available in the market.

Nevertheless, while you are choosing organic CBD oil over the regular ones, you will get much better results within a short span of time. Organic CBD provides you full exposure to various percentages of cannabinoids without harming the chemical structure.

Understanding why the oil is better

Not only extraction of oil is a tedious industrial process but also it requires a lot of time to cold press it. Most of them use solvents to extract the oil from the seeds by soaking them. You will find a handful of companies who use CO2 extraction method for oil extraction.

CO2 extraction has an advantage over other process because it draws out the oil very neatly without disturbing the molecular structure. It is the cleanest type of organic CBD oil that you can get in the market. Also, these oils are pure and free from any heavy metal. 

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