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Tips for the Perfect Skin Taken from Korean Beauty
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When you are trying to discover the secrets for a perfect skin, you have probably heard about Korean beauty. The Korean beauty routine is a strict one, however the results are miraculous. For this reason, we can take advantage of the secrets of Korean beauty, in order to obtain the perfect skin. The best thing about it is that it is a multi purpose skin care, so your skin will benefit from it no matter its special needs.

In this article, we are discovering the top secrets of Korean beauty for a perfect skin.

01. Keep your Face Hydrated

The number one rule in Korean beauty is that your skin must remain hydrated throughout the day. The best way to do that is to add to your morning and night routines special products that will retain the moisture. Discover the toner, facial essence, ampules, and serum that will work the best on your skin. These combined with a multi purpose skin care cream will bring back glow in your face.

02. Apply Facial Essence Between your Toner and your Moisturizer

A typical Korean beauty routine isn’t just about applying different products on your face . The most important thing that we can learn from it, is that the order of applying them is even more crucial. So remember that after clean your face with warm water, you must first apply the toner, essence, and top it up with a moisturizer. If you want to dig deeper into Korean beauty, this routine can then a facial have up to 10 steps. 

03. Use a Charcoal Face Sheet Mask

Face sheet masks offer a simple and easy way to hydrate, exfoliate, and regenerate your skin. In Korea they are very common and adding them to your weekly beauty routine can bring back the glow in your face. Try face sheet masks that contain charcoal, as it detoxes and exfoliates your skin. After 15 minutes with this mask, you will feel completely refreshed.

04. Discover the Overnight Sleeping Masks

During your sleep at night, your skin works the hardest in order to recover. You can easily help it, by applying an overnight sleeping mask. This intensive skin mask will hydrate your skin, taking away from your skin any traces of a tired complexion.

05. Highlight the Natural Color of your Lips

An easy way to make your skin seem brighter is to highlight the color of your lips. Your natural color is what is best for your complexion. Use a lip balm, or a nutrient-rich lip oil to bring that lovely color out.

06. Keep Hydrated Throughout the Day with Barley Tea

With a multi purpose skin care, it is equally important to keeping your whole body hydrated and not just your skin. Koreans do that by having barley tea throughout the day. This tea is full of anti-oxidants and improves the blood circulation.

A multi purpose skin care nourishes the skin, bring back the glow that’s missing on our everyday lives. Try those secrets taken from Korean beauty and discover a new world of beauty routine. Subscribe to our website for a chance to will products worth of $100.

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