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It is one of the stages in life, which all women encounter.For some it means freedom from anxiety, while many wouldnt like to even think about, much less go through the process of menopause.

Menopause Symptoms & Herbal Remedies

Menopause, other known as the "change of life" is the end of the menstruation period of a woman's life. The menstrual cycles must be completely absent for 12 months for a woman to be in menopause.

Menopause and Managing the Symptoms Naturally

Menopause, also known as 'the change of life', occurs in women from their late forties onwards. Age that it starts varies due to genetic and lifestyle factors.

Oprah’s Crazy Talk – Bioidentical Hormones – Helpful or Harmful? (Part 1)

Newsweek recently indulged in tabloid journalism, featuring Oprah on the cover with the headline: CRAZY TALK, Oprah, Wacky Cures, & You. The specific emphasis of the article was an attack on Suzanne Somers, Oprah, and bioidentical hormones.

DHEA Helps Older Women Build Spinal Bone Density

In women ages 65-75 taking DHEA along with calcium and vitamin D increased their bone density 2% each year during a 2 year study."The results of our study are very promising.

Overcome Menopause Changes and Risk

Menopause is not a disease, is only one phase of a woman's life that may be what each one does it. Keep an eye on your health, you should contact your doctor about how best to alleviate any symptoms and face this step with optimism.

A test to tell you if your menopause is coming soon

100,000 women participated in a study conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter Peninsula Medical School and the Institute of Cancer, both situated in England to determine when the their menopause would begin.

A possible relief for women suffering with hot flashes

Hot flashes are one of the many uncomfortable side effects that women who are experiencing the menopause suffer with. For some a hot flash may not be too much to worry about but there are many women who feel that their hot flashes have the ability to consume them.

Reviewing Femmetrinol: how effective is it?

Rated as the #1 Menopause Support Pill, Femmetrinol claims to quickly, safely, and effectively resolve menopausal issues. The all-natural formula is maximized to meet all AM and PM needs of menopausal women.

News Articles

Delay in Diagnosis of Menopause-like Condition in Young Women Linked to Low Bone Density

Women and young girls who experience delays in diagnosing a premature, menopause-like condition face increased risk of low bone density, according to new research by scientists at the National Institutes of Health.

Stillbirth numbers 'starting to fall'

The latest CEMACH Perinatal Mortality Report for 2007 recently published, states that for the first time since 2000 there has been a significant fall in the stillbirth rate to 5.

Natural S-Equol suggested as critical component for reducing menopausal hot flushes

Anaheim, USA - Natural S-equol, a novel soy germ-based compound, is very likely the primary ingredient for reducing hot flushes in the dietary supplement SE5-OH, which is under development for reduction of menopause symptoms, according to pre-clinical efficacy data from studies using an animal model presented at the Experimental Biology (EB) 2010 annual meeting.