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What is Dianetics?

Dianetics is a way of thinking and ways of living that are concerned with the metaphysical relationship between the mind and the body. This rhythm of thinking was developed by L Ron Hubbard and has become the standard of principles those who call themselves scientologists live.
Dianetics recognizes three aspects of the mind; the analytical mind, the reactive mind and the somatic mind. The goal of scientology is the teach a person how to become free of their reactive mind. The reactive mind is believed to pull a person down and hold them hostage to negative thoughts, health ailments and other undesirable life situations. The way a person rids himself of the reactive mind is by a process called “Auditing.” Auditing is a process of answering questions that help relive the painful experiences that produce the reactive mind.
Scientologists believe that Dianetics provides them with a path that leads them to happiness, health and success.

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