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Back and Posture Care

What is Back and Posture Care?

The back of an individual is the posterior side of the torso; it includes the spine and all the muscles, ligaments, organs and bones in that region. Back care is essential to a enjoying a healthy life and can be maintained by frequent exercise and correct posture.
Posture refers to the position of the spine. Good posture would reference a lengthened spine that is long and tall with no muscle tension; some might call it a straight back but a better description would be a lifted and lengthened back. Bad posture would reference to a back that has muscle tension pulling the body down and inward; a hunched back or slouching would be correct descriptions.
Incorrect posture can put pressure on inefficient muscles which will over use muscles and create pain and discomfort. Many people suffer with chronic back pain so much so that it overtakes their life.

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