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  This pocket guide gives readers quick answers to their most pressing pregnancy problems—from straight-forward nutrition information and strategies for maximizing meal plans, to tips on choosing cruelty-free antacids (by brand name) and advice on how to throw a vegan baby shower. Written in an upbeat
The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Plant-Based Diet Every day, more people are shifting toward a plant-based diet without meat, eggs, and dairy products, as well as avoiding animal products in their cosmetics, clothing, and other household items. Here is the the definitive work on
 PregnancyThis CD is ideal for playing at any time in the home, either as background music or while relaxing. 
Yoga for pregnancy and birth
 Yoga for pregnancy and birthThis is the the ultimate guide to wellbeing for every mum-to-be. Take time out for you and your baby with this easy-to-follow and informative program. 
Mastering pregnancy massage
 Mastering pregnancy massage Filled with hundreds of techniques, this detailed, 3+ hour program will help you become a skilled pregnancy massage practitioner. Clearly filmed and enhanced with computer graphics, this DVD will lead you step by step through every aspect of Pregnancy Massage.  It also includes client intake
Natures Aid Alpha Lipoic Acid
Natures Aid Alpha Lipoic Acid Each Natures Aid Red Clover tablet contains 500mg of Red Clover Extract standardised to provide 40mg of isoflavones including genistein, daidzein, biochanon A and formononetin.   Microcrystalline Cellulose, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Anticaking Agents (Vegetable Source Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide), Tablet
Iosol Iodine
The Importance of IodineIodine is absolutely vital for the formation of thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone is composed of four molecules of iodine and one molecule of the amino acid tyrosine. Scientific evidence clearly shows that a lack of iodine can cause changes to the
DHA Kids
DHA is a highly preferred omega-3 essential fatty acid that is needed for healthy brain function in both children and adults.* DHA is greatly lacking from most American diets. It is an important nutrient for the development of nerves, cognitive ability, and vision. Adequate DHA supports learning whereas
Daily DHA
Daily DHA TM contains the same mercury-free fish oil that was in our original DHA product, now with nearly twice as much per capsule, and at an excellent price! Daily DHA� supports cardiovascular health, brain cells, eye health, and mood. It is also an important omega-3 oil to
Chlorella A Potent Super FoodChlorella is a single cell fresh water green microalgae that is loaded with nutrients. It contains more nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) than any other food which gives it a lot of energy-producing potential. It is a great supplement to boost any diet lacking in green
Blood Builder
Safe Supplemental Iron Bisglycinate for Healthy Red Blood CellsAdequate iron is vital for properly oxygenated blood, muscle function, thyroid function, and growth.* Athletes, children, women, and elderly individuals have higher needs, although any person with muscle fatigue may be lacking in iron. A special iron-containing protein in muscles
CalActiveTM is a unique calcium formula where the calcium is bound to nutrients that offset fatigue and help make energy. It is an excellent supplement for anyone to take before exercise. CalActiveTM provides highly absorbable forms of calcium, vitamin D3, and anti-fatigue nutrients including malic acid (malate), a
100 % pure virgin cold pressed black seed oil 100ml
Black seed oil.Welcome to the healing power of black seed oil. We are specialists and if you are looking for the best quality oil we believe you have come to the right place. Our oil contains 1.6%essential oil. Numerous research papers concentrate on the essential oil for its
Mother and Child
Our natural range of skincare for mother and child that is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins includes:Chamomile and Mandarin Baby Massage OilChamomile and Mandarin Baby BathChaomile and Mandarin Baby Body LotionLabour Massage OilPerinease OilPostnatal Bath Foam Stretch Mark OilStretch Mark LotionMagic Cream For KidsThese are
New Chapter Every Woman Iron Support
New Chapter Every Woman Iron Support Whole-Food Probiotic Iron is especially useful during menstruation, pregnancy and when there is blood loss from injury or surgery •Chlorella/Kelp combination supplies additional valuable iron complexes and trace nutrients not found in other iron supplements •Eleuthero/Lemon Balm herbal extract complex supports digestion
Omron MX2 Blood Pressure Monitor
OMRON MX2 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOROmron MX2 Blood Pressure Monitor - Best Value Blood Pressure Monitor!This excellent value for money and clinically validated blood pressure monitor is brought to you from the leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors, Omron.The Omron MX2 Basic model  measures your blood pressure and pulse
Total Liver Detox - A premium and natural liver detox product
Total Liver Detox Support – 90 CapsulesDetox is the natural removal of toxic substances in the body that may be harmful for long-term health. Every day, the body encounters useless chemicals and toxins due to air pollution and some foods and drinks we consume like processed foods and
The Miracle Box
The Miracle Box: The ultimate exercise/birthing ball for mums and mums to be. Includes High Quality anti-burst ball, dual action pump for quick inflation, 3 easy to read exercise charts for pregnancy, post natal and general toning exercises.
Migraine Relief
Migra-Cap may offer you the key to migraine relief. Developed by a Migraine sufferer, Migra-Cap combines cold therapy with complete darkness to give you welcome relief from the pain associated with Migraine and most types of headaches. Tested by 32 members of Migraine Action Association UK with an