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What is Dating?

Dating is a tool that people use when trying to find a romantic partner. Dating enables a person to view a person in many different situations and helps a person determine if their date is someone who would be compatible. Dating can be casual where a person casually dates several people for fun or it can be a serious one on one situation. Dating can be a group activity or a couple activity. Dating can serious between two people who are in love and working towards a more permeate commitment with each other such as marriage.

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  Many people claim that they trust others until they have reason not to, but when you first meet someone, you don’t know anything about their integrity or past conduct, except what they tell you. Trustworthiness is proven over time by actions, not only by words. You can get
5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Depression
Most people experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis. In fact, recent research indicated that about 70% of adults in the USA suffer from anxiety and depression.   Sometimes you may feel sad, hopeless, or you no longer get to enjoy the activities that used to be much fun
How the FDA, Big Pharma, and Doctors Cause Injury for Profit
In some ways the health care in America is the finest in the world.  In other ways it is a severe risk to health, even deadly.  The dark side of this issue involves medication profits at the expense of human health.  This questionable health care approach costs at
Things You Need to Know Before Marriage Counseling
Sadly, 50% of Cinderella wedding days end in a divorce. If your marriage is rocky but you and your spouse want to make it work there is help: Marriage Counseling. It's important to remember that any relationship takes effort especially a marriage relationship. Before seeking help with a
A Breakthrough in the Future of Cancer Prevention
I recently shared the latest news in the prevention and treatment of cancer at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Integrative Oncology Fellowship. The June 2011 event held in Las Vegas, Nevada brought together some of the world’s leading medical experts to educate physicians, health practitioners and
Feel Better and Smile Wider: 4 Ways a Cleaner Smile Can Improve Your Life
One of the first things people will notice about you is your smile. A bright smile creates a glow of positivity and health that immediately attracts others to you. Here are four ways that a clean smile can significantly improve your life. <b>Self-Confidence</b> A beautiful smile is going to make
Divorce it entails loss, even if you wanted it. Aside from the ending of the relationship with your spouse, you may be losing your home, time with your children, in-laws, extended family, and even friends.  There are inevitable financial losses, loneliness, a change of lifestyle, imagined losses of
Aloe Vera - Natures Healer
"Four vegetables are indispensable for the well being of man:Wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe.The first nourishes him, the second raises his spirit,The third brings him harmony, and the fourth cures him". Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) "You ask me what were the secret forces which sustained me during
4 Hacks to Making Your House a Place to Recover for Your Emotional Health
Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental and emotional health issues, you understandably want to feel as comfortable as possible in your own home. Unfortunately, there are many aspects of a typical home environment that may detract from your health in different ways. Now is a
''Glucolo'' Diabetes Control Supplement Analysis and Its Success Rate in Controlling Blood Sugar
Glucolo is an ayurvedic supplement geared towards keeping blood glucose levels under control. The product is based on ayurveda which is known as the oldest system of medicine dating back to more than 5000 years and the makers of glucolo are full of confidence of its efficacy and
Patient Patience: 4 Ways Hospitals Are Becoming More Accommodating
Hospitals are not known for being particularly warm or inviting. They are serious places for very serious conditions. However, quality patient care goes beyond healing the body. It is understandable for patients to feel afraid, frustrated, or overwhelmed. As technology and medical knowledge continue to advance, hospitals are
Tips for Massage Therapists to Provide Massage Therapy to Special Needs Clients
Massage therapists often work with clients who have physical and mental disabilities, and they should be prepared to identify potential contraindications in order to best provide massage therapy to this population. Often, special needs clients may not disclose medical ailments or their need for accommodation until they arrive
The Tissue Issue
  Traditionally psychotherapy has been known as the talking cure.  But often we pick up on cues that are seen, not heard.  And, sometimes what we observe with one client one can then help us with what we observe with others.  Though the names and identities have been altered,
Learning To Understand And Live With ADHD
Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) show the following symptoms: 1)~They have a low level of concentration and a very poor attention span.2)~Their memorizing powers are low and they have poor concentration. 3)~The are very impulsive and do things without thinking. 4) ~Their frequent temper tantrums and
Group Therapy for Adults Abused As Children
Group therapy can be the most nurturing and also the most challenging form of therapy.  It is highly effective.  While it doesn’t replace individual therapy, it can be a great adjunct and a final step in the healing process.  Group therapy is very relevant for survivors of childhood abuse
Exercise & Self Image: How to Feel Better in More Ways than One
A RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIPThere seems to be an almost magical relationship between exercise and a healthy (or at least improved) self-image. Research shows that one of the best predictors (not the only one, but one of the best) of whether someone will achieve their fitness goals is a key
Achieve Instant Calm
   copyright Susun S. Weed   In her updated best-selling classic, New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way, Susun Weed offers a number of approaches women can use to calm jangly nerves, achieve greater overall calm, and cope on-the-spot with stressful situations.  For instant calm, Weed suggests one or more of the
Potential Practice: 4 Tips for the Budding Healthcare Professional
If you've pursued your dream of working within the healthcare sector and are now ready to begin your own practice, you're likely interested in making your vocational efforts as successful as possible. To ensure that you can perform exceptionally well within your chosen field, consider implementing some or
Want to Correct Your Teeth? Top Benefits of Invisalign for Adults
You’d like to improve your smile, but you never made it to the orthodontist as a child. Despite the long duration spent wishing for a better smile, you are ready to make a change. You are now ready to straighten your teeth and have the confidence you always