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Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is the practice of applying structured or unstructured pressure, tension, motion, or vibration manually or with mechanical aids to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints and lymphatic vessels, to achieve a beneficial response. Massage Therapy is performed primarily by a professional Massage Therapist but is often used as a form of therapy by other Healthcare practitioners such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physical Therapists.

Massage can be applied to parts of the body or successively to the whole body, to aid the process of injury healing, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, and improve circulation. Where massage is used for its physiological, mental, and mechanical benefits, it may be termed "therapeutic massage" or manipulative therapy.
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             Learn to Touch Lives, Heal Bodies & Free Souls! Learn to Touch Lives, Heal Bodies & Free Souls!
SWIHA is a nationally accredited (ACCET) private college and community-healing center for Holistic Healthcare careers and continuing education' We are dedicated to providing professional, affordable education (on campus and online) for those interested in entering the healing arts profession,... » read more...
Win Health LtdWin Health Ltd
Win Health Ltd is a healthcare company based in Scotland in the United Kingdom' We manufacture and distribute a wide range of medical devices, home health, self care and beauty products' Our self-care range enables people to address personal health and beauty needs in the comfort of their... » read more...
Beautelle Therapy & Medical Equipment LtdBeautelle Therapy & Medical Equipment Ltd
A well established & leading British manufacturer of professional therapy and medical equipment, Beautelle offers a great choice of Treatment Couches, Plinths, Therapy Chairs, Seating, Trolleys & Furniture for therapy, beauty & healthcare' Specially developed for healthy posture is... » read more...
On-Site Massage ChairOn-Site Massage Chair
Beautelle's Portable Onsite Massage Chair - a mobile massage chair designed for any type of seated massage | spinal treatment | or indian head massage'Features - Osborne Portable Massge Chair | fully adjustable | folds flat for transportation |... » read more...
Sports Massage CouchSports Massage Couch
Portable Cable Table for Sports Massage and Physiotherapy Massage | Beautelle's Uk made massage couches are suitable for heavy duty massage and are readily portable'Osborne 200 Cable Table Series - available in Beechwood or Aluminium... » read more...
Couches for Therapy TreatmentCouches for Therapy Treatment
Beautelle Uk manufactures an extensive range of couches & equipment suitable for beauty | therapy | holistic medicine | healthcare' Range of furniture includes salon couches | beauty chairs | spa furniture | seating | trolleys'Features - All couches and equipment is manufactured in... » read more...
Chiropractic/Physio Treatment CouchChiropractic/Physio Treatment Couch
Beautelle's Manipulation Range of plinths & couches designed for manipulation applications including chiropractic and physiotherapy disciplines' An extensive choice of electronic & hydraulic models are available''' Features - A range of specilly... » read more...
Spa Couches & PlinthsSpa Couches & Plinths
A selection of Couches & Plinths for the Spa Treatment Room | Choose from Beautelle's range of high-perfromance Electronic Couches made in our UK factory'Features - Helmsley Electronic Spa Couches | Choice of two and three section designs | Tower... » read more...
Salon CouchesSalon Couches
A complete range of Static Salon Couches | for Examination, Assessment and Treatment | Made by Beautelle in Uk'  Also availabe in equipment room sets with trolley and couch steps'Choose from The Blenheim Static Salon Range of Couches - budget and luxury... » read more...
The Raindrop Technique Massage
Raindrop Technique is a procedure for applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the feet, back and spine' It is a form of aromatherapy' Raindrop icorporates certain Native American concepts, including a special form of massage called "feather stroking" which is... » read more...
Natural Medicine CoursesNatural Medicine Courses
Natural medicine courses are offered in abundance! You can find these courses through colleges, evening classes, seminars, intensive work shops or you can complete a course on-line'Due to the increasing number of people living with chronic illnesses natural medicine is becoming more and more... » read more...
MassageTherapy - Basic Strokes and BenefitsMassageTherapy - Basic Strokes and Benefits
Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and used by the Chinese, Japanese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans; many cultures throughout history have practised some form of body manipulation to ease and prevent or cure illnesses'  There are a number of recognised benefits that... » read more...
Overview of different types of massage therapiesOverview of different types of massage therapies
Due to expanded knowledge of the body and its physical needs several different massage therapies have been developed and all offer a different focus and service to the body' It is imperative to have a brief knowledge of the different massages available when choosing a massage to ensure that... » read more...
What is Abhyanga Massage Therapy?What is Abhyanga Massage Therapy?
Abhyanga or sometimes referred to as Snehana, means Oleation  which is oiling up' This is a full body massage which is usually done on a daily basis'    A variety of Ayurvedic warm oils are used to drain the toxins in the body towards the gastro... » read more...

I have suffered for many years with very itchy skin particularly on the hands and feet, the condition becomes more intense when we have damp wet weather, the skin becomes inflamed and any cream thatIuse to try and soothe itjust seems to irritate it further' I have taken many courses of steroids prescribed by the GP's over the years to... » read more...

How does one continue living after their spouse has passed away, having had so many good years of devoted love to each other? How can the emptyness be filled? The time passes so slowly and the desire to live can be lost'  What is the best way to get back to happy living?Frank  » read more...
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