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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine, or herbalism, is a broad term, which includes any kind of use of herbs, plants, and plant extracts that helps in healing the bodily ailments. It’s been an open knowledge for thousands of years now that several traditional and modern medicines are extracted from plants and herbs. Some of the common ones include, the painkiller morphine, which comes from poppies; aspirin, which comes from the bark of willow trees, etc.

Herbal medicine has been a part of alternative medicine since centuries. A brief look at the Herbal medicine history will tell you that herbs and plants have been serving human race since 2800 BC, with written documented accounts from China.

The development of herbal medicine as a recognized form of alternative medicine was recognized recently in 2000 by EU legislation, which subjects all herbal medicines to compulsory clinical testing, comparable to that undertaken for conventional drugs. The modern generation is more receptive to the concepts of acupuncture and herbal medicine as their preferred treatment options.
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Black cumin seed oilBlack cumin seed oil
Black seed oil is a natural healing oil which has an astounding amount of health giving properties' It can be found in every chemist and health shop in Germany, Austria and Switzerland' Black seed has received 6 patents for 1'Diabetes' 2'Cancer'... » read more...

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