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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine, or herbalism, is a broad term, which includes any kind of use of herbs, plants, and plant extracts that helps in healing the bodily ailments. It’s been an open knowledge for thousands of years now that several traditional and modern medicines are extracted from plants and herbs. Some of the common ones include, the painkiller morphine, which comes from poppies; aspirin, which comes from the bark of willow trees, etc.

Herbal medicine has been a part of alternative medicine since centuries. A brief look at the Herbal medicine history will tell you that herbs and plants have been serving human race since 2800 BC, with written documented accounts from China.

The development of herbal medicine as a recognized form of alternative medicine was recognized recently in 2000 by EU legislation, which subjects all herbal medicines to compulsory clinical testing, comparable to that undertaken for conventional drugs. The modern generation is more receptive to the concepts of acupuncture and herbal medicine as their preferred treatment options.
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Black cumin seed oilBlack cumin seed oil
Black seed oil is a natural healing oil which has an astounding amount of health giving properties' It can be found in every chemist and health shop in Germany, Austria and Switzerland' Black seed has received 6 patents for 1'Diabetes' 2'Cancer'... » read more...

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Relaxation & Meditation CD's & DVD
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Testosterone is the key male hormone. Making enough testosterone is not only needed for proper sexual function, it is necessary for muscle health and cardiovascular health.* Sex drive, sexual performance, and the frequency that sex is possible are all tied to a healthy testosterone level.* Thyroid hormone, growth
Ancient Health Science: How Do T’ai Chi and Qigong Work?
Western medical science is only beginning to understand what T'ai Chi and Qigong offers us.  However, just the tiny amount of research that has been done so far indicates that T'ai Chi and Qigong are very powerful health tools that can save each of us and our society
Solomon’s Seal Good for Bruises and Cleanses Skin
The proper name for this pale green plant with small hollow white flowers hanging from the under part of the stalk is Polygonaton of Polygonatum, this plant not to be confused with the similar named plant Polygonum which is used to treat urinary tract infections.     The Polyonaton has
Speedwell, One of the Prettiest Wild Plants in Britain
The official name for Speedwell is Veronica Officinalis, which is a very common plant in Great Britain.  Speedwell grows in dry pastures and on heaths, wide, open uncultivated land with heather and course grasses naturally growing, its stalks are about 6-8 inches high of the ground, the pale
Thai Yoga Bodywork
Lotus Palm: The Mindfulness of Touch One of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine (along with herbal medicine and spiritual meditation), Thai massage is a full-body massage, performed on a floor mat, with both parties in loose, comfortable clothes. It incorporates t'ai chi moves, rhythmic motion,
Treating chronic open-angle Glaucoma with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Over the last 10 years, in my practice I have specialized in TCM Ophthalmology. I have made quite a few significant clinical observations through diagnostic testing, treatment and direct feed back from my patients. In my clinical practice I incorporate TCM with nutrition and "functional medicine." Functional medicine
TREATMENT OF HOT FLUSHES IN BREAST CANCER PATIENTS BY ACUPUNCTURE WITH DIET AND OTHER COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES.  Most women treated surgically for early breast cancer they undergo treatment with chemotherapy and/or Tamoxifen and/or ovarian ablation may have vasomotor symptoms that usually continue for years. Hot flushes are brought out
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Herbs for weight loss help to shed excess weight and. Self herbs are popular also because it requires no extra costs - they are cheap. Let see how safe home herbal medicine for slimming.Is it possible to independently collect and prepare herbal slimming collection?Before you begin to chase,
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Complementary medicine treatment for Diabetes
Now-a-days Alternative Medicines or Complementary Medicines and gaining popularity, because of its curing power with out any side effects. Diabetes can be controlled without any side effects using alternative medicines. Allopathic treatment diabetes:In allopathic treatment, they consider and treat everyone in a similar manner and drugs are used
Hot Colds and Cold Colds - Winter Health
Preventing colds and the flu can be summed up in three words: Wash your hands. The viruses that cause colds and the flu most readily enter our bodies by means of our hands. Wash your hands after shopping. Remind your children to wash their hands as soon as
Feeling fatigue?
After the long Winter months we're looking forward to Spring and Summer... but if only we had more energy!We all occasionally suffer from fatigue. For women the most common causes of fatigue are menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and then menopause. Particularly, when we have young children, nights are often
Phytochemicals: 15 Health Benefits of Allyl sulfides
Garlic has been used in traditional Chinese and herbal medicine over thousands of year as antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agent and in treating other conditions such as parasites, respiratory problems, poor digestion, low energy, etc. In many study, researchers found that Allyl sulfides, a phytochemical in garlic has
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Endometriosis Which grows  somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. Besids conventional treatment, there are many types of traditional treatment are worths to talk about. In
Review Of Herbal Cure For Diabetes- Glucolo Herbal Medicine
Glucolo herbal pills for controlling diabetes have become quite popular in recent past amongst diabetes sufferers mainly due to their quick effective results and absence of any side effects. In this article let us find out more about these herbal pills and see how they work on your
CNM Case Study - Catherine Nash
A New Start Catherine Nash had all the trappings of success – a great job as an IT consultant, a big salary and a classy company car – but she'd never been so unhappy in her life. "I was working very long hours, travelling around the country, grabbing snacks
Caution Using Mandrakes for Medicinal Purposes
All species of Mandragora contain biologically active alkaloids which are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds that contain mostly basic nitrogen atoms. Alkaloids are produced by a variety of organisms like bacteria, fungi and plants.   The alkaloids make this plant, in particular the root and leaves which are