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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine, or herbalism, is a broad term, which includes any kind of use of herbs, plants, and plant extracts that helps in healing the bodily ailments. Itís been an open knowledge for thousands of years now that several traditional and modern medicines are extracted from plants and herbs. Some of the common ones include, the painkiller morphine, which comes from poppies; aspirin, which comes from the bark of willow trees, etc.

Herbal medicine has been a part of alternative medicine since centuries. A brief look at the Herbal medicine history will tell you that herbs and plants have been serving human race since 2800 BC, with written documented accounts from China.

The development of herbal medicine as a recognized form of alternative medicine was recognized recently in 2000 by EU legislation, which subjects all herbal medicines to compulsory clinical testing, comparable to that undertaken for conventional drugs. The modern generation is more receptive to the concepts of acupuncture and herbal medicine as their preferred treatment options.
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Black cumin seed oilBlack cumin seed oil
Black seed oil is a natural healing oil which has an astounding amount of health giving properties' It can be found in every chemist and health shop in Germany, Austria and Switzerland' Black seed has received 6 patents for 1'Diabetes' 2'Cancer'... » read more...

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Relaxation & Meditation CD's & DVD
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The Common Alder-tree is Good for Burns and Inflammation
The Common Alder-tree is very well known, it's stem is tree-like and full of branches, the bark is of a brown colour and is quite rough to the touch, with large round type shaped leaves a little clammy to the touch, especially the young leaves.  The flowers are
Natural Remedies an alternative medicine for Fertility
Natural remedies are used as alternative medicine for thousands of years to support the health of the male and female reproductive system, ovulation and supporting healthy and efficient conditions for the design. Around the world every day, millions of couples trying to conceived. Unfortunately, the fact that there's
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Endometriosis - How Herbs Help to Treat Endometriosis
Endometriosis Which grows  somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. Besids conventional treatment, there are many types of traditional treatment are worths to talk about. In
Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Chinese Herbs- White Pony ( Bai Shao)
Premenstrual syndrome effects over 70% to 90% of women before menopause in the US and less for women in Southeast Asia because of their difference in living style and social structure. It is defined as faulty function of the ovaries related to the women's menstrual cycle, it effects
Phytochemicals: 15 Health Benefits of Allyl sulfides
Garlic has been used in traditional Chinese and herbal medicine over thousands of year as antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agent and in treating other conditions such as parasites, respiratory problems, poor digestion, low energy, etc. In many study, researchers found that Allyl sulfides, a phytochemical in garlic has
Celebrate Valentine's Day by celebrating your heart. Wise Woman herbalist Susun Weed gives us a few simple, easy ways to nourish and tonify that vitally important little organ. Here are ten easy steps to better heart health: 1. Stop smoking. Nourish yourself with a handful of sunflower seeds and a cup
Harvard Study Shows Heart-Health Benefits of Tai Chi
A recent study from Harvard University shows the health benefits of tai chi, especially for those with heart conditions that prevent them from engaging in rigorous physical exercise. Tai chi is a Chinese form of martial arts that focuses on soft, slow movements and requires concentration on poses,
Low Sex Drive In Women- Causes And Natural Treatment
Low libido problem amongst women is increasingly on the rise mainly due to changing life conditions and environment. In this article let us find out what exactly causes low libido and the steps you can take to overcome this embarrassing problem. Causes of Low Libido Women unlike men
Benefits of Xenical Orlistat a weight loss pill
Explain different benefits of Xenical over other prescription medicines and Herbal medicines Xenical is a unique medication which allows a person to lose 20% of the body weight at the expense of adipose tissues. As a proven weight loss drug, Xenical has an irrefutable advantage over other weight
Solomonís Seal Good for Bruises and Cleanses Skin
The proper name for this pale green plant with small hollow white flowers hanging from the under part of the stalk is Polygonaton of Polygonatum, this plant not to be confused with the similar named plant Polygonum which is used to treat urinary tract infections.     The Polyonaton has
Ancient Health Science: How Do Tíai Chi and Qigong Work?
Western medical science is only beginning to understand what T'ai Chi and Qigong offers us.  However, just the tiny amount of research that has been done so far indicates that T'ai Chi and Qigong are very powerful health tools that can save each of us and our society
Why Do Women Struggle To Orgasm
When a man and a woman indulge in a lovemaking session they always wan to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. Unfortunately it has been found out that more than 50% women all over the world just fake orgasms to make their men happy. It is an astonishing
Alternative medicines health benefits
The use of herbs for Alternative medicinal purpose is the most popular now days. Plants that can be used as a Alternative medicinal herb contains photochemical that have great effect on the physiology of the body. An Ayurvedic medicinal herb can be given single or in combination with
Shamanic Herbalist
You Are Invited to Be Part of the Shamanic Herbalists/Healers Association (SHA) SHA is an invisible association. There are no board meetings, no dues, no membership drive, no fund raising. This association is a figment of our imaginations. As such, it is always changing. The purpose of this
What is Naturopathy?
Naturopathy is a 19th century word meaning 'nature cure', and a naturopath is one who applies natural therapies in professional medical practice. The tradition of Naturopathic medicine was originally European, with many influential figures as far back as Hippocrates, Galen, Paracelsus, Hahnemann to name a few. The Naturopath
Endometriosis and Homeopathy
As we mentioned in previous articles, endometriosis growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. As we know, homeopathy plays a very important role in treating