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A Foundation home study Sound therapy course
Sound Healing is a Holistic Therapy, which produces a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of well being. Sound Healing is a relaxing treatment that has proved to be successful in the alleviation and cure of many ailments. It is effective by using the therapeutic properties of Sound
A Home Study Advanced Course in Holistic Healing
This is an incredible value Holistic Healing Course consisting of nine modules. Each module is designed to introduce you to an aspect of Holistic Healing.  When you have completed each of the modules you can begin to turn this new knowledge into a career. MODULES INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE: Module
The Mermaiden of Cornwall - Feel save in water again
About the bookThe Mermaiden shares her evolving water journey, diving forever deeper and further down– back into that infinite space of true belonging, where we all once felt safe before.Taken those experiences from the in-depth encounters back onto land to than share with you- offering to be a
How To Clear Space With Sound Using Tibetan Bowls & Tingshas
Now you can use the ancient art of Tibetan sound healing to transform your own space and that of others!This complete instructional e-book course is designed to help you learn all the basic aspects of using sound to clear space. And there is plenty of room for you
The Dolphin Lady
A BOOK ABOUT DOLPHINS, SHELLS, SOUNDS AND HEALINGAs people’s fascination with Dolphins continues to grow, "The Dolphin Lady" offers realisations of the actual, a relationship that is open to whoever dares! "The Dolphin Lady" shows how minor setbacks and changes in lifestyle and direction are never negative and
Inner Sound Tuning Forks
INNER SOUND Tuning ForksInner Sound sets of tuning forks are custom-made aluminum tuning forks that provide a stable and precision-tuned series of pure 5th intervals.What is a Pure Fifth Interval?A ‘pure 5th' is the naturally-tuned form of the musical interval known as the perfect 5th in which the
Sound Healing for People and the Animals They Love
Sound healing has achieved recognition internationally as an effective healing modality for stress, reduction, pain relief and the healing process for many life threatening illnesses in humans. San Diego based Tibetan bowl sound healer, author and recording artist, Diáne Mandle has also been working with animals and teaching
Are you feeding your spiritual health?
Most people are concerned about their physical, emotional and mental health but what about their spiritual health. What is spiritual? What is spiritual health? What activities strengthen and exercise spiritual health? How does taking care of spiritual health affect health? What is spiritual? Spiritual means
The Dharma Of Sound Healing with Himalayan Bowls
Music has always been recognized as having a powerful effect on human consciousness. But in the past few years, there has been more research into the science of sound, and how sound can be used to improve our lives. We are learning why different kinds of music and
Himalayan/ Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and Cancer
Sound healing is fast becoming internationally respected as an effective modality in the healing process for many physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and maladies. This article seeks to offer some background on the Himalayan (often referred to as Tibetan) bowls and their role in the healing process for
Tibetan Bowls Enhance and Compliment Your Yoga Practice
Yoga means union with the divine. Its focus is achieving a state of highest spiritual insight and tranquility through the practice of body positions (asanas), specialized breathing patterns and a centering of the mind. There are many disciplines of yoga aimed at increasing body awareness and flexibility while