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What is Cardiovascular and Cardiology?

Cardiovascular is an adjective that refers to the workings of the heart. Cardiology is the medical field that is solely concerned with the workings, diseases and health of the human heart. Cardiologists are a great help in providing preventative care and medical help when there is a need.
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What is Neuralgia?
Neuralgia is a general term for nerve pain affecting the peripheral nerves' This is a medical condition which results in spasmodic, chronic pain along a single nerve or group of nerves in the head or neck' The most common cause of neuralgia is neuritis, inflammation of, or injury to the... » read more...
Drug Trial - Hope for Heart Attack PatientsDrug Trial - Hope for Heart Attack Patients
Breakthrough in drug trial offers hope for heart attack patientsNew findings from a major drug trial have brought experts a step closer to developing a drug which could prevent thousands of British deaths from heart attacks'Dr Robert Storey, Reader at the University of Sheffield and Consultant... » read more...
Hair,  link between stress & heart attackHair, link between stress & heart attack
Hair provides proof of the link between chronic stress and heart attackResearchers at The University of Western Ontario have provided the first direct evidence using a biological marker, to show chronic stress plays an important role in heart attacks' Stressors such as job, marital and... » read more...
Secret SmokersSecret Smokers
One in two smokers hide their habit from friends, family and colleagues, revealed a recent report' Women were the main offenders with more confessing to keeping their habit a secret' They were also better at keeping their habit hidden with more than a third hiding it for more than 5... » read more...
Coping with the heart problems that affect our childrenCoping with the heart problems that affect our children
To a parent, nothing is more sacred than the health of their child, which is why when an infant is born with a heart defect it can be an extremely worrying time' Thankfully though, through treatment and surgery most conditions can be managed and a high percentage of children... » read more...

I have suffered for many years with very itchy skin particularly on the hands and feet, the condition becomes more intense when we have damp wet weather, the skin becomes inflamed and any cream thatIuse to try and soothe itjust seems to irritate it further' I have taken many courses of steroids prescribed by the GP's over the years to... » read more...

How does one continue living after their spouse has passed away, having had so many good years of devoted love to each other? How can the emptyness be filled? The time passes so slowly and the desire to live can be lost'  What is the best way to get back to happy living?Frank  » read more...
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