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What is Glaucoma?

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8 Key Benefits Of Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12is an essential vitamin that is necessary in a number of bodily functions such as forming healthy red blood cells and DNA synthesis as well as ensuring nerve cell health and optimal neurological function. Also called cobalamin, this vitamin is water soluble and is found in a
3 Ways Nutrition Can Impact Your Eyesight
There is a strong correlation between the things that you eat and your eyesight. If you want to try to avoid losing your eyesight someday, then you need to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients in your diet every day. While eating a well-balanced diet is
Facts about Xenical Orlistat a weight loss treatment
About Orlistat Orlistat is a medicine that is advised or weight loss. However, it is no ‘wonder-drug’; it works best when combined with lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and regular exercise. Orlistat is primarily prescribed to people who are either obese or overweight with other underlying health
FAQ’s about Reductil Sibutramine
What is Reductil?Reductil, an oral prescription medication, is used for the medical management of obesity, including weight loss and weight maintenance. Reductil can only be prescribed by a medical professional. With sibutramine as its active ingredient, Reductil is meant for people who are looking to lose a significant
3 Key Things You Should Know about Marijuana as Medicine
While marijuana has been an illegal substance for decades, its health benefits have been well-known for many years. In fact, because of its many beneficial effects on the human body, the medical use of marijuana is now available in specific situations. Self-medicating is not permitted by law. You
Eyesight Fading? Here's What You Can Do to Treat It
When your eyesight is getting worse, you must find ways to improve it. Poor vision is caused by several issues, but today, you can improve your eyesight on your own or with professional help. Here are the best treatments for your eyes to improve visual acuity. Improvements in Your
Bright Eyes: Health Tips for Clearer Vision and Better Sight
When your eyes are operating fine without any irritation, it's easy to forget that your eyes need to undergo preventative health measures like the rest of your body. However, if you wait until there is an obvious problem, it can often be too late. However, there are a
Are You Pre-Diabetic? 4 Changes to Make Right Now
A prediabetes diagnosis means that you have a blood sugar level that is higher than normal, but not high enough to be considered diagnostic for diabetes. Without treatment and lifestyle adjustments, prediabetes can lead to such maladies as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. According to the
3 Common Signs of Aging You Can Fight Back Against
Anyone who lives long enough will probably experience at least one of these signs of aging and likely more. Even though there’s nothing anyone can do about the inevitable movement of time, there are solutions for the effects time has on the human body. Muscle Strength You may have heard
Precaution to take before using Reductil sibutramine
Reductil sibutramine is a prescription only weight loss pill that works as appetite suppressant and helps obese people to gradually lose weight. Reductil also helps people from regaining the weight they have lost. Reductil sibutramine was approved by the FDA in 1997 for the treatment of obesity. Since
4 Signs it's Time to See Your Eye Doctor
Parents always fuss about how often their children are visiting the physician for checkups and shots but people rarely make special trips to visit the eye doctor unless something is obviously wrong. The only problem with this is: why wait until something is extremely wrong? The smartest thing
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - Does It Make You Look Younger?
The Officially approved use of human growth hormone (HGH) has release a multi-billion dollar industry in today market. Some of the healthcare doctors and advisory grant as a fountain of youth for all certain ages, while others official are very firmly and fear that the risks far outweigh
The Top 10 Health Breakthroughs of 2008
This year marks a major turning point in the theory of wellness and the prevention of disease. The drug-based paradigm of Western medicine is crumbling under the weight of its own massive fraud. New technology is proving how nutrients interact at the fundamental gene level to promote health
7 Nutrients Your Eyes Need For Optimum Visual Performance
“Finish your carrots, they’re good for eyes” you may have heard your mother say a time or two. Carrots contain Vitamin A which plays an important role in optimum vision health. But there are quite a few nutrients that may be even more important then Vitamin A in
Eyes on Eye Health: 4 Ailments and Complications to Watch For
People often spend a lot of time thinking about general health. They often fail to zero in on eye health, however. That can be problematic as well. The eyes are essential for all kinds of day-to-day applications. Optimal vision should always be your goal. If you want to
Top Thyroid Stories of the Past Year
Over the past year or so I have written a number of articles about thyroid, many of which are feature length articles. This is a considerable amount of extremely useful information. Below is a handy index so you can quickly look up articles of interest to you. To
How Drugs Work
Drugs have become an important element in the history of medicine to cure or increase the immunity in humans against various diseases. Due to continuous innovation, research and development in the past 4-5 decades, drugs are now available to cure majority of diseases. When taken in prescribed amount,
Eye Disease- Stye Problem
Eyes are organs that detect light, and send electrical impulses along the optic nerve to the visual and other areas of the brain. Some eye problems are minor and fleeting. But some lead to a permanent loss of vision. Common eye problems include:    Cataracts - clouded lenses    Glaucoma
How Regular Eye Testing is Crucial When It Comes to Your Overall Health
One of the most common issues people face as they age is a reduction in overall vision. Eventually most people will need to go to an eye doctor to be prescribed contacts or glasses. While most people only go to the eye doctor to have their vision tested,