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What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy, or Integrated Energy Therapy, is a broad terminology that encompasses every technique leading to a change in thoughts, feelings or behaviors with the help of making necessary changes at the energetic level. The most popular Alternative Energy Therapy technique is acupressure, in which the expert gently taps the acupressure points to balance your energy system in relationship to the troubling body part.

The most essential tool required for a patient to embrace energy therapy as a medium of treatment is motivation. Energy Therapy is based on the principle of the vitality of free flow of energy in the body to ward off potential ailments. This principle is recognized in the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine System in the form of ‘Prana’, and typically, Yoga Asanas are most popularly associated with the free flow of energy in the body. Similarly, the Chinese Medicine System talks of ‘Qi’ in relation to the free flow of energy.

A healthy body is an indication of smooth energy flow. However, when it is blocked by internal or external force, the result is some form of bodily ailment. Energy Therapy aims at allowing the patient to access enough energy that enables the clearing of blocked energy within the body.
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