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Start Afresh 28 - stop smoking hypnosis program on CD or MP3 Download
A hypnosis stop smoking aid ~ consisting of 5 Tracks ~ 2 CDs and listening schedule. With a clear introduction, listening schedule and 4 tracks of structured recordings to help the listener obtain their goal of becoming a non smoker. This programme is packed with reasoning, understanding, relaxation,
Reflections on Life CD or MP3 download
15 Tracks of reflective thought This recording by Michael draws upon years of experience in helping patients to understand their thoughts and feelings. A different type of recording! In trials many listeners have said “I knew a lot of what was being said, but I would not have
Stop Smoking - Bioresonance Unit
Want to stop smoking - the Bioresonance Scio Unit is very effective to assist with stop smoking.  It is easy and painless.  It is one of the easiest way to give up smoking.  So far we have a 100% sucess rate.Want to try!  Please contact us as we
Ethos STOP 7 - smoking cessation course
Incredible 94% Success Rate - Far more than with any other method! Stop Smoking in just 7 days or we will refund* the course cost!  Ethos STOP 7 consists of our 14-page Smoking Cessation Course Manual, two different types of Herbal Capsules and our Comforting Herbal Mouth Spray.
Quit smoking and live a healthy life
Smoking has numerous side effects. It affects the smoker as well as the ones around him/her. A smoker inhales only 15% of the cigarette smoke while the rest is let out in the atmosphere and poses a serious danger to his family. More than 50% of the smokers
Alzheimer's Disease :Cause, Symptom, Prevention and Treatment
I. What is dementia ?About 5-8% of all people over the age of 65 have some form of dementia, and this number doubles every five years above that age. Dementia is the loss of mental ability that is severe enough to interfere with people's every life and Alzheimer's
When Smoking is Due to Stress or Anxiety
To be able to successfully quit smoking, you must ascertain why you are smoking. There are two major reasons why people would normally smoke and get addicted to the behavior:    * Some people smoke due to some stress or anxiety. When they smoke, they get some relieve from
Alternative Christmas Gifts, Part 2.
Here are more unique ideas of Christmas gifts that will enhance a loved ones life:Skin CarePerhaps you have a teenager who suffers with bad acne. For a teenager everything is about appearance and acceptance, often this makes it hard for those with skin problems to feel confident amongst
Discover the Natural Cure For Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea is a disorder that causes people to have difficulties sleeping. Symptoms include holding your breath in the middle of the night (sometimes for minute-long intervals) and snoring. This is a very serious condition, as it prevents oxygen from getting to the brain and the blood stream,
Ways to Quit Smoking
Although smoking is known to be extremely unhealthy, many smokers who decide to quit have an extremely hard time. There are a lot of methods to use, so don't give up if you fail at first. Keep trying until you overcome this nasty habit. You are harming not
Champix varenicline minor and major side effects
Champix varenicline is an effective drug that helps smokers quit smoking for life. Marketed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the makers of blockbuster drug Viagra, Champix Varenicline was licensed in the UK as a stop smoking aid in December 2006. Since its launch, Champix has help thousands of smokers quit
Do Not Be Misled by Media
Even if you are an addicted smoker, it is very possible that you can be like the hundreds of people who have benefited from quit smoking through hypnosis and are now planning positive healthy lives. However, it is good that I make it clear at this point that
How to Attain Your Smoking Cessation Goal?
In their heart most smokers nurture a secret desire to quit smoking one day. However, most smokers, especially those who have been addicts for years feel jittery about the idea of quitting. They become so attached to their cigarettes that they find it hard to imagine their life
WHAT RHINOPLASTY IS As you might already know, rhinoplasty is surgery performed on your nose. It may be required for any of three reasons: · To enhance your appearance· To correct malformation stemming from illness, accident or birth· To improve your breathing functionality With a rhinoplasty, you can
Preparation for Endometrial Hysterectomy
As we mentioned in other articles, endometriosis grow somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle, building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. Hysterectomy always is the last resource in treating endometriosis for woman who
Steps to Take After Determining You're Pregnant
Once a woman has found out that she is pregnant she may be in shock. An unwanted pregnancy can be a huge shock but there is help for a woman. These are some steps she should take after determining that she is pregnant.   Call the Doctor   A woman should give
Surgical Success: 3 Strategies To A Quick Recovery
Any kind of surgery can be painful when it comes to the recovery. There are some procedures that won't require much down time once you get home while others might require therapy and special instructions so that you heal properly. Your doctor will likely give you instructions on
Lifestyle Medicine: Why to Alter Your Bad Habits to Something More Natural
A healthy lifestyle can be good for the spirit. It can be good for your actual body and wellness as well. There are so many people nowadays who lead lives that are decidedly unnatural. They often’t aren’t the healthiest folks, either. If you want to make a positive
You want to stop smoking?
Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy but sadly smoking can become an overwhelming addition. The best way to stop smoking is to make the choice to never start smoking in the first place. For those who took a puff of a cigarette whether by choice or as a