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What is Fitness, Leisure and Sports?

Fitness can be referring the health of a personís body, their bodyís ability to exercise, the health of their bones, muscles and ligaments. The resting heart rate of a person can help you determine their level of fitness. A personís fitness can be improved by frequent exercise. Exercise will strengthen the heartís ability to pump blood around the body, it will tone muscles, reduce excess weight and improve a persons overall physical and mental well being.

Leisure is free time or time spent doing things that are not work related. Leisure is essential to achieving holistic health. Whether leisure time is spent meditating, reading a book, going on a walk or spending time with family it is essential to take time to allow your body, mind and soul to rejuvenate and replenish its reservoir of sanity.

There are so many types of sports and depending on where you live the name of the sport may differ but sports are a great way to exercise, socialize and build community unity.

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