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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology, or zone therapy, is the practice of stimulating points on the feet, hands and ears, in order to encourage a beneficial effect on some other parts of the body, or to try to improve general health. Reflexology is most commonly performed on the feet, moving on to the hands and/or ears where physical restraints, such as veruccas or fractures.

Practitioners believe the foot to be divided into a number of reflex zones corresponding to all zones of the energy of the body, and that applying pressure in the form of massage to "tight" or "gritty" areas of a person's foot will stimulate the corresponding part of the energy body and assist the self-healing process.
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Reflexology involves a specialised form of compression massage, applied to the feet with the fingers and thumbs. Every part of the body has its corresponding reflex point on the feet. By working over the reflex areas on the feet, imbalances in the energy pathways may be detected. Reflexology
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BEAUTELLE ASCOTT REFLEXOLOGY STOOL - A portable folding Reflexology Foot Stool for effective mobile foot treatments. Popular with Reflexologists | Podiatrists | Chiropodists.Features - Readily portable | Folds flat | Carry Bag facilitates easy carrying. Available as a set with a Compact Operator Stool or compact Saddle Stool to use
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Introduction to Reflexology
Reflexology is a Natural Healing Art.NATURAL means that Reflexology enhances the normal functioning of the body. It does this without creating any damage. It is essentially harmless. HEALING means that Reflexology's effect is consistently observed to be beneficial to a person's health. Reflexology reduces physical, emotional and psychological