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Animal Acupressure

What is Animal Acupressure?

Animal acupressure is a practice that applies pressure to specific points of the animalís body to relive and alleviate pain and discomfort. This specific points located throughout the animals body are related to meridians of energy, the practice of acupressure testifies that by applying pressure to these specific points the flow of energy throughout that specific area can be renewed.

Animals receive multiple benefits from acupressure; improved immune system, strengthened muscles, tendons, tissue and ligaments, reduced stress, improved energy, reduced inflammations and resolved injuries. Animal acupressure can be administered by a therapist of the by the animals owner.

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The Well-Connected dog:  A Guide to Canine AcupressureThe Well-Connected dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure
The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressureby Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis The human-dog connection is without comparison' A dog is a dog, but also our best friend, our child, our protector, playmate, inspiration and connection to a simpler, loving world' Because dogs understand... » read more...
Equine Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics ManualEquine Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics Manual
Equine Landmark Anatomy & Acupoint Entergetics ManualPresenter: Turie Normal, DVM This DVD and Manual break new ground in the field of acupressure and acupuncture' They provide an exceptional tool for the veterinary professional, bodywork practitioners, and students of acupressure and... » read more...
Canine Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics ManualCanine Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics Manual
Canine Landmark Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics -Manual Presenter: Turie Norman, DVM This Manual is an essential resource for wholistic veterinary professionals, healthcare practitioners, canine bodyworkers and students of animal acupressure and acupuncture' This learning tool has not... » read more...
Hands-On Animals
The entire family needs bodywork, don't you think? This includes horses, dogs and cats for a lot of families' People are recognizing that what is good for them is good for their favorite animals'Acupressure for animals has actually been around for 1000s of years' In ancient... » read more...

I have suffered for many years with very itchy skin particularly on the hands and feet, the condition becomes more intense when we have damp wet weather, the skin becomes inflamed and any cream thatIuse to try and soothe itjust seems to irritate it further' I have taken many courses of steroids prescribed by the GP's over the years to... » read more...

How does one continue living after their spouse has passed away, having had so many good years of devoted love to each other? How can the emptyness be filled? The time passes so slowly and the desire to live can be lost'  What is the best way to get back to happy living?Frank  » read more...
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