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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. When a person consumes food the food is broken up and the glucose or sugar is separated. The glucose is the form of sugar in the bloodstream which happens to be the main fuel for the body.

Once the glucose is in the blood stream cells throughout the body use it to create energy. In order for the glucose to be effective it must interact with insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is created within the pancreas. A person who suffers with diabetes is deficient at making sufficient insulin. Without the interaction with insulin the glucose passes through the body and exits through the urine. The loss of glucose is a problem as the body is loosing the major source of energy.

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Articles Associated with Diabetes

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 Hypnosis CD vol 45 - diabetesThis very powerful CD is formatted for relief of Diabetes and Diabetic symptoms.
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Conscious eating habits are what holistic nutrition is all about. Eating foods that promote good mental health and physical well-being, while developing a strong immune system and preventing illnesses, is the core focus of holistic nutrition. A healthy nutrient supplement is a great medicine to control or reverse most