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What is Shamanic Healing?

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Shamanic Herbalist
You Are Invited to Be Part of the Shamanic Herbalists/Healers Association (SHA) SHA is an invisible association. There are no board meetings, no dues, no membership drive, no fund raising. This association is a figment of our imaginations. As such, it is always changing. The purpose of this
Shamanic Herbalist - Power Plants
The use of psychoactive plants is the cornerstone of herbal wisdom in every indigenous culture I have had the opportunity to visit or read about. (1)Harvard professor Richard Evans Schultes says of the principal shaman of the Kamsa Indians of the Amazon, where psychoactive plants are widely used:
Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Healing is one of the vast numbers of healing modalities available for us to experience today. Like acupuncture its roots are in the mists of time and like acupuncture it works with unseen energy. Acupuncture is usually associated with the East, while there have been shamanic healers