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Weight Loss

What is Weight Loss?

Weight Management refers to the maintenance of a healthy body weight through healthy measures. Proper nutritious diet, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, and healthy body minus any serious diseases, form essential ingredients of maintaining optimum body weight. In overweight and obese individuals, Easy Weight Loss foods can also be tried, which are rich in nutrition, and low in fats. Weight Loss Motivation also forms an integral part of helping a healthy weight management in obese.

Two methods are most commonly employed in determining healthy weight for an individual. The first is Body Mass Index, or BMI Scale, in which you can easily calculate BMI and determine your weight condition:
BMI = Weight (kg)/Height (m)2 or Weight (lbs)/Height (in)2 x 703
BMI < 20 = Underweight
20 < BMI < 25 = Ideal Weight
25 < BMI < 30 = Overweight
BMI > 30 = Obese

The second method is Waist Circumference (WC), which measures abdominal obesity,
WC > 88 cm (35 in) = Woman is abdominally obese
WC > 102 cm (40 in) = Man is abdominally obese
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 Ayurvedic guide to diet and weight lossThis extraordinary book presents a time-tested, simple, and medically sensible approach to weight loss and maintenance.     
Ayurvedic Guide to Diet and Weight Loss
This extraordinary book presents a time-tested, simple, and medically sensibleapproach to weight loss and maintenance. Viewing the body as a pattern ofintelligence that is unique for each person, Ayurveda provides the key to establishing the body's natural state of balance. Besides being an extremely powerful and efficient path
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Benefits of an Infrared SaunaREMOVE TOXINS AND MINERAL WASTEIncreased blood circulation simulates the seat glands, releasing the built-up toxins and waste that your body trapped in the fatty layers just beneath your skin.BURN CALORIES AND HELP WEIGHT LOSSYour body must expend energy (calories) to produce sweat, so in
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis
Vitual Gastric Band Hypnois for weight loss; the safe, effective method seen on television that was proven highly effective in multiple clinical trials in the United States and United Kingdom. Services provided by a licensed and highly experienced therapist and hypnotherapist with dual Masters degrees and certifications.
Leptin Control Pack
The Leptin Control Pack® provides the ultimate nutritional support for enhanced thyroid and leptin function.* It is the most comprehensive supplement combination to combat fatigue, reduce cravings, improve mental energy, and get metabolism and fat burning into gear.* It is designed to improve the efficiency of leptin communication
Green Tea Extract
The polyphenols in green tea are known as catechins. The most studied catechin is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) � which is responsible for many of the antioxidant, immune support, and metabolic properties of green tea. A recent meta-analysis of green tea studies has shown that green tea catechins with
Chlorella A Potent Super FoodChlorella is a single cell fresh water green microalgae that is loaded with nutrients. It contains more nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) than any other food which gives it a lot of energy-producing potential. It is a great supplement to boost any diet lacking in green
Some go on crazy diets, some take expensive drops and others do loads of exercise.  This food supplement is your answer to sustained weight loss - it definitely works and is easy to use and very reasonable in price. Phentermin triggers fat release and provides potent appetite suppression, end
Husk Gold - 180g
Husk GoldThe colon is sometimes referred to as the large intestines and is part of the digestive system. It acts like a sewage system removing toxins and waste from your body safely. Good colon health is important for general well-being and many health conscious people are keen to
Total Slim - Powerful natural weight loss aid with a proven natural fat burner
Total Slim - 72 Veggie CapsulesAre you struggling to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight fast but in a safe healthy way? Are you losing weight but are tired and lack energy? If so, Total Slim is for you.Total Slim is an all-in-one slimming aid formulated
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Time to take control of your destiny by trying this new effective multi botanical nutritional drink in extract form. It's the first of it's kind and not to be confused with any other. You could experience gained energy, improved sleep, more focus, diminished aches and pains, weight loss
ZOTRIM Pack - 2 x 90 tablets 20-30 days supply (2-3 tablets, 3x daily)
Zotrim® is the unique herbal product which research shows could really help weight loss.  Zotrim tablets contain the herbal extracts Yerba Maté, Guarana and Damiana.Now manage your weight your wayThe primary cause of being overweight is eating more than your body needs.  Zotrim is designed to help you
ZOTRIM 'Double' Pack 2 of 2 x 90 tablets 40-60 days supply (2-3 tablets, 3x daily)
Zotrim® is the unique herbal product which research shows could really help weight loss. Zotrim tablets contain the herbal extracts Yerba Maté, Guarana and Damiana.Now manage your weight your wayThe primary cause of being overweight is eating more than your body needs.  Zotrim is designed to help you