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What is Bio-Resonance?

Bioresonance therapy is a diagnostic and therapeutical method of alternative medicine. Electrodes, linked to a box, are applied to the patient's skin, which emit alternating currents and are claimed to be healing.

In some of these devices a modern signal processing technique, usually PC-based, is able to analyse and interpret the results. The analyst is then able to make an assessment of the physical and mental health of the patient.

Practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases without needing for drugs. Some examples of symptoms, claimed to be detected, are vitamin deficiencies, mental health and immunity response. Some examples of diseases, claimed could be healed, are allergies, Sleep disorders, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress and hormonal disorders.
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Articles Associated with Bio-Resonance

The e-LYBRA Bio-Resonance System
The Human Bio-Field has many layers including, the etheric (or physical double), emotional, mental and spiritual etc., and they can affect each other. Each layer has its own nature and patterns of information all vibrating at their own rate. Everything in life which we experience with our 5 senses
Bio-Resonance energy medicine
Bio-Resonance energy medicine in general, and the e-Lybra specifically, are today’s most advanced and effective technology designed to assist with self healing by bringing balance and harmony to our body and bio-fields when we are experiencing sickness or pain, physically, mentally or emotionally. Vibrational imbalances can be acquired
An Energy Field and Bio-Resonance System
The 'Energy Field' of everything in existence - from the Universe with it's galaxies and planets, to Humans, animals, plants and minerals - are now an accepted (and to a degree, measurable) fact. This Energy Field, which is electromagnetic in nature is where energetic information, and its exchange
Here’s the scoop on Bio-resonance
Bio-resonance is another alternative therapy that helps the body overcome and heal from chronic pain, allergies and many illnesses. It focuses on placing electrodes on the skin surface in a strategic manner. The electrodes attempt to break up blockages of energy within the person and will be placed