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A Home Study Course in Anatomy and Physiology
ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY COURSEThe Human body is composed of several structures and organs grouped in Systems, each of which is responsible for the performance of specific functions.The study of the structure of these organs and tissues is ANATOMY, the study of their functions is PHYSIOLOGY and the study
Anatomy & Physiology
Course OverviewThis is a stand alone Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology qualification and is an ideal choice for those wanting a separate qualification to show their extensive knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology, or for those choosing our fastrack option of training, which is largely practical and does not
Allergy & Environmental Therapy Diploma Course
The Course is written by practising therapists and is based on nearly 30 years of experience in the successful treatment of allergic conditions. It comprises 10 substantial distance-learning modules together with attendance on two occasions for practical instruction and lectures at the Institute's premises in Wales. All course
Aromatherapy Home Study Diploma Course
This Months Special Offers >>>>> A Diploma Correspondence Course of 12 Lessons Home study is the modern, flexible way to learn holistic medicine. No attendance necessary. All courses conducted by distance learning. This course leads to a Practitioner Qualification.   Aromatherapy is a
Anatomy & Physiology (Level 2)
 Anatomy & Physiology  level 2 (OCN/NVQ level 2) costs £75  This is set at a level equivalent to 35 hours tutor-led hours, with a written assessment. This is compliant with guidelines from: The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA)International Association for
VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (QCF)
VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology QCFThis course provides essential knowledge and understanding and forms the foundation for any Holistic or Beauty course.  It has been designed to be easy to follow and understand, whilst providing you with an excellent grounding.  You will be required
Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Distance Learning
Anatomy & Physiology Distance Learning DiplomaThis Anatomy and Physiology course is accredited by The Guild of Holistic Therapists / The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists. It provides essential knowledge and understanding and forms the basis for any Solace course. It has been designed to be easy to follow
Applied Kinesiology
A practical and reliable diagnostic tool that has emerged over the past twenty-five years, kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of bodily motion, especially muscle movements and their relationship to our body systems. Viewing the body as a balanced triad of structure, chemistry, and mentality, applied kinesiology
Body Massage
Massage is classically defined as manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, performed by the hands, which has effects on the muscular, vascular and nervous systems of the body. The aim of this video is to offer a ‘step by step’ guide to giving a full body
Zen Physio - Massage Relief
  The Zen PhysioThe Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is the "professional’s choice" and is now available to you in your home.The Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is so effective that it is used, and recommended, by massage therapists and sports injury therapists around the world. Use this
Brain & Memory Support - 60 Capsules
Brain & Memory Support is a premium and leading health supplement that has been developed by a specialists nutritional therapist in the UK for Silvertown Health. Brain & Memory Support combines all key, high quality, easy to absorb, high grade nutrients that are suggested as been beneficial to help
Male Plus
Testosterone is the key male hormone. Making enough testosterone is not only needed for proper sexual function, it is necessary for muscle health and cardiovascular health.* Sex drive, sexual performance, and the frequency that sex is possible are all tied to a healthy testosterone level.* Thyroid hormone, growth
Leptinal® is our premier cardiovascular and weight management support product.* Leptinal contains a potent array of heart-friendly nutrients, all in one softgel capsule. Our mercury-free DHA is the finest essential fatty acid available in the world and a proven nutrient for cardiovascular fitness.* A special extract of pomegranate
Daily Super E
Daily Super ETM is one of our top selling products, setting a new gold standard for vitamin E supplementation. Our specially-prepared formula is high in both gamma and alpha tocotrienol. Alpha tocotrienol is a superior antioxidant that helps to protect cells in the circulatory system. Gamma tocotrienol communicates
Carnosine is a dipeptide made up of the amino acids beta-alanine and l-histidine. It occurs naturally in the brain, heart, muscles, and skin in high concentrations. Carnosine has a general rejuvenating effect on proteins and enzymes.* It is highly protective to the nervous system, brain cells, and eyes.*At
B, Super Coenzyme B Complex
Coenzyme B-vitamins for EnergyB vitamins are quickly used by your body when you are under more stress or exerting more energy. Super Coenzyme B-Complex is the perfect supplement to naturally improve energy and stress tolerance. Super Coenzyme B-Complex also supports a positive mood, healthy hair, and digestion. We
Vega Active Womens Multivitamins & Minerals
Vega Active Womens Multivitamins & Minerals This formulation provides nutritional support for women leading an active, demanding and vibrant lifestyle. It is fortified with B-vitamins and contains the adaptogen Siberian ginseng. Adaptogens are generally termed as compounds that may maintain the body’s health by supporting its ability to
Beyond The Matrix
Why Study Beyond The Matrix?You are bored with just scraping a living. You think there is more to the inner workings of the Universe than traditional science explains. You want a scientific explanation to what some people call Magic. You desire a scientific explanation for how it is
Higher Nature Premium Naturals DMAE
Higher Nature Premium Naturals DMAE DMAE, found naturally in oily fish, such as anchovies and sardines, converts to the nutrient choline in the liver. Choline can be used by the body to make acetylcholine, the memory and learning molecule. Choline is also vital for nervous system health. It