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What is Allergies?

Allergies are a bodily reaction to allergens. An allergen can be dust, mold, dander, pollen, trees, medication, solvents and food. An allergy can manifest itself in many ways; rashes, skin abrasions, restriction of airways, chills, itching, runny nose, sore eyes etc… Allergies have the ability to take over a person’s life; they can cause extreme discomfort and unhappiness.

There many medications and natural therapies that are committed to reducing allergies.

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Articles Associated with Allergies

Pathology and Nature of Disease
Pathology and Nature of Disease - Course 402Prerequisite: N/A Duration: 200 hoursAward: Certificate of CompletionNotes: This course is designed to give students a basic knowledge of pathology and the nature of disease. Course consists of 14 lessons and a final exam. Syllabus:   Pathology, cause and prevention of
  Discover Why Water Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Diet and Find Out Which Water Is Right for You. Water makes up 67% of our body weight. A 2% decrease results in fatigue.A 10% drop causes significant problems. This is why water plays an
  Desserts are universally appealing and satisfy the soul. Now they can be enjoyed without the guilt! These scrumptious raw and living food gourmet desserts are mostly made from organic nuts and fruit, which are rich sources of healthful nutrients. Because they contain no wheat, sugar, or
A student of Dr. Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, Karyn Calabrese used raw food and detoxification to heal herself of illness, fatigue, and allergies. Karyn’s debut book, Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn, features her Nature’s Healing System, a 28-day program that has helped thousands of her
Surviving and Thriving with Food Allergies and Sensitivities This essential reference work presents a thorough discussion of the major food allergies and how to deal with them in a positive, affirming way. Readers will learn about testing for allergies, safety measures for life-threatening conditions, shopping and kitchen
Allergy Bible
A thorough and impartial review of commonly used tests and treatments including alternative therapies. Also includes case histories showing how real people cope with allergies.
The Dust Mite Controller - Natural Asthma & Allergy Relief
  The Dust Mite ControllerThe new clinically proven natural device for Asthma, Eczema & Allergy sufferers. At last a natural breakthrough relief device if you suffer from these health-related problems.Dust mites may be the cause of even more allergies than expected:It is now believed that over-exposure to the
100 % pure virgin cold pressed black seed oil 100ml
Black seed oil.Welcome to the healing power of black seed oil. We are specialists and if you are looking for the best quality oil we believe you have come to the right place. Our oil contains 1.6%essential oil. Numerous research papers concentrate on the essential oil for its
The Salitair Pipe
  The Salitair Pipe Are you one of the many who are suffering from:Asthma or Bronchitis?Allergies of the respiratory tract?Respiratory problems caused by smoking?Whooping cough, hayfever or heavy colds? If so, help is at hand with a natural and clinically proven home therapy device called the Salitair Pipe. This clever
Linseed Oil for Animals - 5 litre carton
Mix 3 to 4 tablespoons with regular feed for Horses, pro rata by body weight for other animals Linseed oil from High Barn Oils is a basic building block of life, for your horses and cattle. Remember how all the old guys used to feed it to their
Linseed Oil for Animals - 4 x 5 litre cartons
Linseed oil from High Barn Oils is a basic building block of life, for your horses and cattle. Remember how all the old guys used to feed it to their show stock, there was a good reason, 25% of all cell membranes are made from essential fatty acids
How Effective Is Flonase Nasal Spray?
Nasal allergies are common problems occurring in many people. There are various medications and sprays available today that alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Flonase, an approved drug, is widely used for treating nasal allergies. It is used for treatment of outdoor and indoor allergies. Flonase nasal spray is
How to Protect Aging Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions
Older patients who have chronic medical conditions require a high level of support and care. They often call for close monitoring at all hours of the day, too. If you want to safeguard an elderly person from potential difficulties, you should find out about all of the convenient
4 Wellness Tips to Alleviate Seasonal Allergies This Summer
Hot and humid weather can trigger allergy symptoms. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and coughing are common allergy symptoms. Fortunately, you do not have to let your allergy symptoms ruin your summer fun. There are several things that you can do to alleviate your allergy symptoms. Watch out for
Green Bodies
It's no good being an avid environmentalist if you don't treat your own body with the same respect as the planet. Throughout history, human society has nurtured a tradition of natural beauty and health using indigenous knowledge of plants and herbs to heal and beautify the body. In
Aromatherapy In Few Words
Aromatherapy is the complimentary and alternative medicine with the use of essential oils and other scented compounds from plants. It is a method which roots lie in ancient times and along with phytotherapy have the most natural healing attributes. Essential oils are the volatile part of leaves, roots,
Take These 4 Actions to Make Your Home’s Environment Healthy
Your home can be one of the most unsafe and unhealthy environments that you’ll encounter. You can make youf home healthier by taking a few simple precautions. Here are some of the actions that can help keep your home’s environment healthy. Look into HEPA Filtration Dust can aggravate your allergies.
Safety First: 4 Types of Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Using Prescribed Medications
Medicine is meant to help and it normally does, but mistakes can be made. As a patient, you should understand the possibility of errors, and do your best to minimize your chances of falling victim to a medical mistake. The following are four questions you can ask your
Raw Health
With chronic illness, obesity, allergies and food intolerances, digestive complaints and diabetes all on the increase any simple measures that can be taken to assist good health are noteworthy. One simple measure is increasing the amount of raw foods in the diet. Benefits of Raw Foods (1)Enzymes –