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What is Mental Health?

Mental health is a concept that refers to a human individual's emotional and psychological well-being. Merriam-Webster defines mental health as "A state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life."

One way to think about mental health is by looking at how effectively and successfully a person functions. Feeling capable and competent; being able to handle normal levels of stress, maintaining satisfying relationships, and leading an independent life; and being able to "bounce back," or recover from difficult situations, are all signs of mental health.
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Articles Associated with Mental Health

Diploma in Stress Management with Counselling Skills
This Diploma combines two diplomas we have been running for years into one course: the full syllabus of our Diploma in Stress Management and Relaxation course plus the full syllabus of our Certificate in Counselling Skills course. The advantages of taking this combined course are:
Know How to Steer Your Kids Away from Substance Abuse during their Teenage Years
Substance abuse among youth has become a serious concern for parents these days. The major challenge for them in these situations will be to distract and prevent their kids from getting addicted to illegal drugs or alcohol. Are you one among them worrying about your teen's health? It
Types of Alcohol Detectors
Alcohol addiction has severe harmful effects on physical health, mental health, and on society. Alcohol testing is done at workplaces, institutions, schools, industries, and colleges to prevent alcohol related accidents, crime, and injuries etc. There are a variety of alcohol detectors present in market used by law enforcement
A Handling for Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Fear without Drugs
       It seems to be part of our existence, that we go all day long up and down with our emotions. And so we started already to believe, that this is very normal for us and it may have also brought us to the conclusion, that this is how
5 Realistic Goals for a Healthier You in 2020
Vowing to get into shape or to slim down are among the most common New Year’s resolutions. While efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle can be tremendously rewarding, goals that are too lofty are also more likely to be abandoned. Keeping things realistic will increase your chances of
Healthy Active Lifestyle Guide
A Guide to a Healthy Active lifestyle Mental and Physical BenefitsExercise makes you feel better about yourself and can also curb your appetite - especially beneficial for those interested in losing weight. Even doing simple gentle exercises, like yoga, can improve your spirit enormously. Just 20 minutes of
How to Harness the Health Benefits of Outdoor Camping
Outdoor camping counts as one of the healthiest activities you can do. Being out in the fresh air gives you a chance to unplug from everyday life in the city and to reconnect with nature, your friends, and your spirit. If you’re thinking about adding a little “healthy”
How To Grow An Online Community With Other Health-Minded Individuals
Growing an online community takes more than just being an overnight success. While it’s nice to have fame or stature behind your name, the most likely route you’ll be taking is developing a dialogue and trust over time, honing in on what makes your brand or community unique
Dreading the Dentist? 5 Tips for Managing Your Anxiety
Dreading the Dentist? 5 Tips for Managing Your Anxiety For many, going to the dentist is a fraught experience. The sound of the drill, the numbed gums, and the stabbing pain of the needle can all be incredibly anxiety-inducing. However, there are a few things you can do to
4 Crucial Factors When Choosing a New Health Insurance Provider
<p>Shopping for health insurance isn’t as easy as it could be. With dozens of plans out there at every price level, there are just too many variables to consider. If you’re shopping, though, you can cut through some of the clutter by looking at these four factors.</p> <h2>Ease of
Cutting-Edge Research Shared by Leading Minds in Neonatal Neurology Convene
Neonatal Neurology surgeons and physicians will want to mark their calendars for the 2019 Neonatal Neurology Convention. The Fourth International Symposium on the Fetal Brain will present top speakers and researchers in the field of neonatal neurology and brain development. It will take place on November 21–22, 2019, at
How To Stay Healthy As You Age
How To Stay Healthy As You Age Aging can be stressful, but for some people, it is the most rewarding time of their life. As you age you might feel more confident than ever before, having gained patience and wisdom. You can grow older with your body and mind
Calm Focus: 6 Natural Stress Relievers that Won\\\\\\\'t Zap your Energy
  When it comes to stress relief, most of us need a little help. Whether you practice daily meditation, take brisk walks or engage in a friendly chat, there are many forms of relief that don’t require a pharmaceutical drug or a trip to a psychiatrist’s office. However, many
When Good People Go Bonkers
We all go nuts sometimes. Even someone as sublimely well balanced as myself goes off the deep end once in a while. When this happens, the bizarre behavior of the suddenly wacko can bring damage to themselves, their business relationships, and yes, even their furniture. Why do we
Fascinating New Research on Meditation and Brain Health
  The Power of “Cortical Folding” aka “Gyrification” In terms of brain health, what exactly is “cortical folding” or “gyrification” and how does it increase your mental capacity? These questions may seem to address complex issues best left to neuroscience, except for one simple practice that directly relates to them:
Headaches Raising Your Anger Level? 4 Ways to Make Your Home Easier to Live in
If your home environment is giving you headaches that are putting you in a foul mood much of the time, you can take measures to create a better living space. Whether your headaches are resulting from environmental factors such as allergens or disorderly spaces inside your home, resolving
Can A Mind Body Spirit Detox Help Mental Health And Healing?
According to the author, international trainer in the field of energy psychology,  mental emotional and spiritual health is all one and the same, and dis-ease or disturbance in any of these levels can cause physical pains and symptoms in the body too. A mind body spirit detox retreat
A Path Back From Addiction & Mental Health Problems
Groundbreaking research on a brain protein called kalirin is opening a new door for novel ways to address serious mental health disorders, addiction problems, as well as another angle on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.  Within your brain is a dense network of information highways.  Technically, these are
How To Look After Yourself After Motherhood
  Have you just given birth? Congratulations on the amazing gift of motherhood. Many adventures lie ahead for you and your baby, not to mention many sleepless nights and challenges like you have never experienced before. However if becoming a mother is something that you genuinely looked forward to