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How to Navigate to the Best Adult Care
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You don’t randomly put your child to a crèche without knowing how they will treat your child. Similarly, when you need an adult care for your guardians, you must as choosy as you are with your kids.

Adult day care centre is the best place for every aging individual who don’t get their due attention. Here, they get the attention, friendliness and an environment that they deserve. Parents have sacrificed their entire lives for us. Now it is our turn to return them the same warmth in their life that they had given to us once when we were children.

Before getting your parents admitted to an adult day care centre, you must check whether it is the apt one for them. There are certain aspects you must check before selecting the right one. We are here to help you out with what are the essentials of an adult day care centre.

Essential features of adult day care:

Once you have chosen to enroll your parents in a day care, you must check for the following features in the centre:

1.      Friendly staffs

You cannot put your parents to a place where staffs misbehave with them. When people grow old, they become just like children. They need to be handled with care and affection and not with rough behavior. The staffs of the centre have to be patient enough to deal with their tantrums and have a friendly attitude towards them.

2.     Cleanliness

The environment has to be clean enough and have a good maintenance of health and hygiene. It should have a facility where rooms, washrooms, and floors, are well cleaned every day. It affects the health of the people present in it.

3.     Credentials

The centre must be under the government or a certified one, with certified workers working in it.


4.     Client-staff ratio:

The ratio should not be more than 1:5, which means, one staff for five members. This ensures that each member is taken care of nicely and their every need is being attended to.

5.     Equipments for handicapped

The centre should have equipments for the handicapped adults such as wheel chair, blind stick, brailed books, audio system for the blinds, projectors for the deaf, and so on.

6.     Adequate doctors

Doctors including a general physician, an emergency ward doctor, a cardiac expert, an ENT specialist and a dietician must be a regular member of the centre. Besides, trained nurses should also be present for being able to take care of the patient clients.

7.     Healthy nutritious meals

It is to be seen if the vegetables brought are fresh ones or not, the milk provided is pasteurized or not, the poultry is fresh or not. The utensils of the kitchen should also be washed regularly. You might find it tough to get into such intricacy, so always look for reviews and recommendations.

8.    Counselor

A counselor has to be present for talking to the adults who feel lonely and deserted. They may otherwise go into a state of depression and this in turn would affect their health.

9.     Activities

The centre must have abundance of activities for engaging the adults so that they feel young again. Activities should be based on mental and physical level both. There should be exercises, yoga, storytelling, games, singing, dancing, and more.

10.  Outdoor activities

Besides indoor activities, there should be provision for outdoor games like hockey, cycling, and so on.

11.  Tours

Tours should be organized for giving the adults refreshment in life. These can be city tours or even going out to the park.

Now that you know the basics, start looking for the ideal place where you can allow your parents to stay when you are away. Skylark Senior Care is one of the best places in town to opt for, where you’d get all these facilities on point.

By Ravi
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