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Types of Accessories to Buy for your Rolling Knee Walker
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So you recently injured your leg and you need to walk with walking aids. Just as you made your decision to choose the most desirable option of a rolling knee walker, you are wondering how to beautify it. Let’s admit the fact that crutches and painful and wheelchair lack agility. A rolling knee walker can come to your aid and choosing this is a much smarter option.

Now, even the knee walker is a medical equipment and your injury isn’t a great thing to look up to. How can you make your scenario a little desirable so that you feel happy about the walking aid? We have listed some of the fun accessories that can keep you happy and not treat it like medical equipment.

1.       Fiber optic streamers

Fiber optic streamers are accessories for the handlebar. These are really cool and you can turn them off and on. They pop in and out of your grip. The rainbow set feels festive and cycles through the colors with strobe like effect.

2.      Handlebar airplane

If you want to be the ultimate wingman, you must buy a handlebar airplane on the knee scooter and log some flight hours. It pops off the mount when you feel the need to give it a spin. You might to do flybys on your coworker’s desk and make your job hours feel lighters.

3.      Picnic basket for the handlebar

You might like to add a tiny little basket accessory on the handlebar. It usually comes in a red and white deign and offers a bit of function as well. It has a removable top that can store tiny items like keys and it can slide off the mount for your convenience.

4.      Liberty bell

The liberty bell accessory lets you declare your directions to the people in front. You make way through the places you want to go through and reflect your independence. The accessory sits on the top of your handlebar and rings every time to hit the hammer.

5.      Carry all handlebar

Even if you have a basket in front, you might have to carry more things. If you are walking to office, you might need a bag like the carry all handlebar that fits in other essentials you need. It can fit in your cellphone, notebook, camera, and other essentials. It comes with Velcro straps so that you can fit it onto the rolling knee walker.

6.      Beach ball bell

You can’t go wrong with a classic bell for your knee walker. Try to look for beach ball bells that come in bright colors and have funky designs. These make loud noises and announce your presence. 

7.      Pompom streamers

You can also buy pompom streamers to make your walker look amusing. These are full of fun and look colorful. You will like the random movement of cheerleading that they do to brighten your spirits and never let you give up.

There are many more accessories that you can find online. These are ideal to keep your feel light and happy. You get a chance through the circumstances and not feel sad about your injured leg. These must be considered for kids and teens who might have hurt their leg and need such a support to walk till they heal.

By Ravi
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