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Why you need Microblading for Eyebrows
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Eyebrows play a crucial role in creating an overall look for your face. The shape of an eyebrow is a task of high maintenance. Few people have quite fast growth while some have very slow growth. We have a solution for your eyebrows. It’s just a simple procedure of Microblading that can get them back to shape.

Denotation of Microblading

As the name suggests, it involves use of micro blades. It is very simple and painless technique to get your brows intact for few years. A trained makeup artist marks and creates slight cuts into your skin and fills them with color similar to your eyebrows. It makes your brows look fuller and pretty. It is kind of semi-permanent tattoos where the mini blades that are used create slight cuts into your skin and deposit similar color pigments over it.

Want to know how many problems does it solve?

We can see a variety of eyebrows issues among people. The people who need to go for Microblading are the ones having little or nothing left in their eyebrows. Many people have blonde eyebrows and they want to color it. Some lose their brows from chemo or accidents. Some need to refine the shape. Microblading is best for people who have lost their eyebrows.

What you have to do before you go for Microblading?

1.       Do not have any kind of alcoholic drink and smokes 24 hours before the treatment

2.      Avoid caffeine in your diet for a day

3.      Have plenty of water to stay hydrated

4.      Be assured that you haven’t used any facial peels, laser treatments or chemo from a month

5.      Stop the process of plucking or waxing a week ago

How is Microblading done?

Once you follow the above points, you just have to rest and let the person carry out the work. They begin by outlining the eyebrows and create the proper shape one desires.

Then with an instrument having minute blades, they create precise hair-like cuts onto your skin. Don’t worry they are not as deeply engraved. It’s just to the dermis layer of your skin. They do this procedure with full control and patience, as this is what decides how your brows will look for coming days.

Then artists creates a variety of different self-mixed color and uses several shades, so they your eyebrow looks multidimensional and natural. They fill those engraved cuts will the color and clean them away. The end results will have an appearance of naturally and properly defined eyebrows.

How long does it last?

The treatment lasts for around one to three years depending upon the type of technique or color pigment used. Though, you have to visit the artist once in 10 to 12 months for touch ups as it can fade away sooner. The needles of the instrument have wide range of diameters to define different options for different people. The main purpose of it is to give you a natural looking eyebrow. There are two visits which completes the whole procedure:

1.       First time for consultation and initial application.

2.      Second time after 4 weeks to refine the strokes. They ensure that the micro-pigments are healing properly and responding well.


Now that you have known the entire details of the procedure, you should rely on good care specialists to get this done. Visit Avant Microblading and consider them as a great options for quality and reliability.   

By Ravi
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Why you need Microblading for Eyebrows

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