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What is a Therapeutic Massage Therapy
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Therapeutic massage therapy helps in the faction of soft tissues. Such a therapy is meant to provide assistance to majority of treatments of musculoskeletal and related issues. A regular therapy of therapeutic massage gives a boost to neurological functioning. It also aids in the improved of lymphatic and circulatory functioning. The nature of a therapeutic massage can vary from being stimulating to soothing. The variation highly depends on the technique used along with the speed and depth taken into consideration. It is safe and effective to receive therapeutic massage from a registered therapist as it helps in generating harmony from within.

The requirement of therapeutic massage therapy is highly acknowledged by many individuals in today’s busily scheduled life. With the lack of leisure time to find peace, stress ultimately starts to build up within oneself. The Inspire Health can provide effective therapeutic massage therapy to calm a stressed soul.

Benefits of therapeutic massage therapy

·         To encourage one’s lifestyle and create awareness regarding general health.

·         To provide encouragement to general relaxation.

·         To help in relieving an individual from associated muscular tension and helping stress management.

·         To cause reduction in the pain and stiffness caused due to prolonged bed-rest.

·         To cause reduction in the recovery period of an individual, putting forward an affirmative step towards post-operative care.

·         To help in the release of endorphins. These hormones are known to reduce depression.

·         To be supportive in reducing the effects of an individual’s emotional stress.

·         To help in maintaining the health of general tissue.

·         To be helpful in putting a brake to the cycle of ‘pain spasm’.

·         To improve one’s sports performance.

Types and techniques of Therapeutic Massage Therapy: -

·         A session of ‘classic’ relaxation foundation massage can be provided to relieve one from pain. In such a session the local pain sensations are addressed. The major benefits of this session are restoration of lymphatic movement, reduction in the activity of trigger point, and so on. The results of the pain management therapy session are highly affirmative and appreciable. The clients can get the feeling of being rejuvenated and refreshed at the same time.

·         A massage session is also conducted on stress management. The target of such a session is to reduce one’s anxiety, fatigue, and mild depression. It helps in supporting restorative sleep.

·         The next session includes functional mobility. It helps in providing ease to the movement by lessening pain, stiffness, and aching. In this session, a therapist targets joint movement. Muscle function is also targeted by the therapist.

·         Another session of therapeutic massage therapy is meant to provide relaxation or wellness to an individual. An integrated series which includes gliding and kneading methods is used by the therapist. Moreover, the series also includes gentle rhythmic joint movement. Such a session can be used for a variety of situations such as, pre-natal, geriatric, sports and minors.

·         Another session aims for deep tissue massage. Chronic muscle tension can be released through this therapy with the help of deeper pressure. In this session, the points targeted are muscle tissues, tendons and fascia.

·         Sports massage is another type in the list. Such a massage session can be conducted on every athlete ranging from, world-class professionals to individuals that jog during weekends. The body parts which have undergone an overuse or have been stressed due to movements of aggression are the target points in this session. It can be highly helpful in pre-event preparation. Moreover, the recovery time of athletes during the training sessions or after an event can be reduced for a better performance.

Therapeutic massage is indeed an affirmative way to cause improvisation of one’s quality of life. 

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