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Should Toddlers Be Taken to a Dentist
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We have a general assumption that kids below 5 years of age cannot develop a tooth problem. The concept is entirely wrong. Chocolates and candies are a favorite of the child ever since he develops taste in his taste buds. This can lead to the development of cavities in their toddler years. The right thing to do is to take your child to a kid friendly dentist during his preschool or elementary years.

What is tooth decay?

As per the definition provided by the Centre for Disease Control, tooth decay is the most commonly occurring infectious diseases among children. These are cavities that occur in the tooth due to high intake of sugar and lead to excessive pain and even falling off the tooth. The infection may sometimes worsen and spread to other parts of the gum.

How can oral health be practiced at home?

It is a very tough and challenging task to make your child get ready to brush twice a day. But as sensible parents, you have to try to make things fun for them. For example, you can tell them stories of how cavities are like a wicked cartoon attacking their teeth after they had eaten candies and chocolates. This will lead them to an interest for brushing as they would think that toothpaste is a savior. Moreover, if possible, you need to cut out on their sugar and fast food intake. The most important thing is to take them for a dentist visit once every month.

Why should you visit a dentist for your child?

As parents, its sometimes becomes difficult for you to get your child into a healthy oral routine. Kid friendly dentists do the task for you. They change your child’s opinion of dental care and show them that it can be fun and interesting. The dentists would make your child want to brush and floss without even being told by you.

What are the problems faced during tooth decay?

Tooth decay leads to excessive pain, and an overall discomfort. This will lead your child to miss their school frequently. Things even worsen and make it difficult for your child to eat, speak clearly, and so on.

Does only brushing help cure tooth decay?

When cavities get worsened, children develop deep ridges in their teeth. Only brushing doesn’t fix the problem. They need expert treatment for such situation and one such treatment is dental sealant.

Why do ridges occur?

When children bite or chew their food, bacteria, and food particles get stuck in the cavities and create ridges in the long run. Only brushing doesn’t help in this condition. These areas are difficult to clean and even parents find it hard to keep cavities away.

What is dental sealant?

In dental sealant, a protective layer is placed onto the teeth so that nothing can get stuck in these ridges and cause further cavity. The procedure is painless and fast. They just use a material onto the teeth and allow it to harden.

What is fluoride treatment?

The fluoride treatment is simply another way to keep cavities at bay. This is actually a pre-cavity treatment so that your child doesn’t develop cavity at any age of his life. The dentist washes the teeth with fluoride, which doesn’t allow cavities to sit on the teeth and cause decay.

We know you are a conscious parent and certainly don’t want your child to suffer from cavities. After reading the post you must be wondering which would be the best place to take your child for a dental care. Check out Healthy Smiles of Georgia and give your child a cavity free life.

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