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Out With The Old, In With The New.
As we move into 2012, it is important to spend a few moments and take a personal inventory. Identify that which no longer serves you and be ready to release it. Get clearer about what you want to attract in the new year and put your thoughts around that. Many times we wonder why we keep attracting things we DON'T want. Perhaps it is because we spend so much time focusing on what we don't want that we continue calling it in.
Focus on what you truly want, visualize it, see yourself having it and you will manifest it in time.

By: Rosemary De Faria, L.C.S.W. - Miami, United States
Tea is one of the many common and natural dietary staples in Asian cultures shown by modern science to have multiple unique health benefits. Mushrooms are another common food that have been consumed for centuries and are also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their ability to promote cellular and immune health. Certain species of mushrooms have potent natural abilities to modulate the immune system and promote balance within the body. These mushroom species offer benefits even after digestion and absorption into the blood stream.

By: Dr. Isaac Eliaz - Santa Rosa, USA
Strategies such as antioxidant protection, improved circulation and chelation of heavy metals can be very useful. Some ways to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation include using the speaker phone function or a headset that has an air conduction tube at the end leading to the ear. For tips on safely and effectively detoxifying the body,

By: Dr. Isaac Eliaz - Santa Rosa, USA
When you first feel a pang of hunger, don't reach for the regular sugary carbo snack, instead, reach for an 8 oz. glass of clean purified water.

This will suppress the feeling of hunger that's often mistaken when the body really wants water anyway.

Be sure you are drinking lots of clean water throughout the day because the last sign of dehydration is a dry mouth.

By: Diane McLaren - Mississauga, Canada
At every meal time, stop eating when you are about 80% complete. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to register food is on the way and this is a great way to control the serving size and still eat well.

By: Diane McLaren - Mississauga, Canada


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