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Head spinning, feeling stressed out? Take a moment - notice the weight of your feet and where they rest, close your eyes and sense that weight. Now think about your breathing, put your hand just below your belly button and breath from that point. Let your shoulders relax with each breath you breathe out. After a few moments open your eyes.

By: Kimberly Willis - Sheffield, UK
Drink lots of water, exercise moderately and regularly, get plenty of fresh air, think positively and look after yourself as much or more than you would take care of your car.

By: Marianne - Reading, England
Maintain good muscle tone, reduce tension and stress and stay flexible. Have a massage once a fortnight.

By: www.traininginbeauty.co.uk - southampton, UK
Use homeopathic remedies to cure winter viruses.
Useful remedies
Arsenicum Album
Nux Vomica

By: Carole Sanders RSHom - Shaftesbury, UK
Autumn/winter is the time of the year when historically we think about and in some cases experience the winter blues.
During this time when the natural light is 'dimmed' and 'less' the most auspicious times for getting outside daily to benefit from the natural daylight is between 10am and 2pm.
Spending an hour outside daily between these times will go some way to relieving the winter blues if not alleviating them all together.

By: Colours of the Soul - Surrey, England


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