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     Scientology is different, mainly because one doesn’t have to believe in it to have it work. No tricks of logic are needed to prove any point, and Scientologists only ask people to look for themselves.

     What has happened is, the superstition has been subtracted from spiritual studies. And today this is a very acceptable state of affairs to Man. The ultimate freedom depends on knowing the ultimate Truth. Truth is not what people say it is, it is what it is. And Truth, quite remarkably, sets one free, just like philosophers have said down the ages.

     What the philosophers did not say was, how free can one get. And that is the surprise contained in Scientology for everyone who walks the Road to Truth - one can be totally free. When you yourself hold the Truth, the shadows by which you are bound tend to slither away. And, when you at last know for yourself in your own experience that Scientology does have the answers, and when you have applied them, you have the result all philosophers, savants, sages and saviors have always dreamed of - and freedom as well.

     As much of Scientology is true for you, as you know it. Those who know it only by name react to the hope of it. And as one advances upon the road, one knows more and more of it, and is more and more free.

                                                               Article written by L.Ron Hubbard

     A Description Of Training

     A fundamental idea of Scientology is, that increased spiritual awareness is the only factor, which offers any road to increased survival and happiness.

     Through auditing one becomes free. This freedom must be augmented by knowledge of how to stay free. Scientology contains the anatomy of the reactive mind in its axioms and the discipline and know-know necessary, to handle and control the laws of life. The practice of Scientology is composed in equal parts of auditing and training in Scientology principles, including the technology of their application. Knowing the mechanisms, by which spiritual freedom can be lost, is itself a freedom and places one outside their influence.

     Auditing lets one see, how something happened, training teaches one why. Therefore, because of the importance of training, one will find Scientologists studying the works of L.Ron Hubbard in every Church of Scientology. If one were to look in on them anywhere in the world, every Church delivers the same high quality services, as students are getting through.

                                                            From the Book "What is Scientology"

     What Is Scientology Auditing

     The person, who is helping somebody with Dianetics Auditing or Scientology Processing Technology, is the Auditor. He is the one, who gives the questions and gets the answer. The person, who gets helped and answers to his questions, is the Preclear. This is the person, who still has his reactive mind. All of the existing misemotions to all different types of life situations are present and can get precisely located with the Scientology e-meter. This instrument uses the metabolism of a person as a transmitter for locating these areas, to then being completely able, to resolve the problem of a person with the Standard Technology of L.Ron Hubbard.

     The pictures in the mind of the preclear contain energy and mass. The energy and force in pictures of painful or upsetting experiences can have a harmful effect upon an individual. This harmful energy or force is called "charge". When the person holding the e-meter electrodes thinks a thought and looks at a picture, he re-experiences an incident or shifts some part of the reactive mind and is so moving and changing actual mass and energy. These changes in the mind influence the tiny flow of electrical energy generated by the e-meter and causes the needle on its dial to move. The needle reactions on the e meter tell the auditor, where the charge is located and that will get addressed through professional auditing.

     Different needle movements have exact meanings and the skill of an auditor includes a complete understanding of all e-meter reactions. Using the e-meter, the auditor ensures the process covers the correct area, in order to discharge the harmful energy connected with that portion of the preclear’s reactive mind. When the charge lessens, the person heightens his ability to think clearly in the area being addressed, and his survival potential increases proportionately. As a result, the preclear discovers things about himself and his life, getting new realizations about his existence, milestones that mark his gains.

     These realizations result in a higher degree of spiritual awareness and consequently a greater ability to succeed.

                                                            From the Book "What is Scientology"

     Below this article and you will find a Life Improvement Website with several books, you can also watch many high quality videos about Dianetics and Scientology !

By Thomas Lechner
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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