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Effective Tools For Handling Pain
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     Pain is one of the most destructive and annoying circumstances one can experience. And as it happens, one's entire life may change into a horrible helpless situation, and the only thought possible might be, how to get rid of it. Because pain can hurt very bad.

     But, what is pain ?

     Pain is an alert from the body (or from a part of the body) to the mind, that something is in danger and that one should know about it, possibly taking immediate action. But it is a very primitive mechanism of nature and does not really work very well. Because getting this pain alert and then knowing about it, does not yet provide a solution for turning it off, like one can do it with any other alarm system normally.

     Off course, first of all one has to handle the effected area, that's the absolute first step. Let's call it the medical treatment, whatever action might be necessary. The pain may already lesson a bit afterwards, but will still remain in greater or lesser degree until the actual injury is healt. The same applies to pain from surgery and any type of other painful illness !

     Now, what can you do ?

     There is something called an Assist, easy to learn and very affordable for everybody. Many different types of assists are already in use and very successful. It is an action, which consists of several steps in a certain sequence, when correctly appied to an injured person or a part of the body, the so-called signaling pain-waves are getting released from the nerves and the horrible effects of pain and suffering start to disappear very soon. This is called a relief or a release. It can go very fast or on a gradient, but the patient will do better every time having received one of these assists. There is the touch assist, the nerve assist, the contact assist and the body communication process, just to mention a few.

     One of the biggest advantages of an Assist is, that with lessening the pain (it also applies for any type of chronic pain), the take-in of dangerous pain killers can get reduced dramatically.

     Assists do not replace medical treatment, but help usually enormously speeding up the healing process of the injury and the well-being of the person. Because as soon the pain is disappearing, the healing also goes much faster. 

                                   Please continue reading on our website below !

By Thomas Lechner Specialist in Assist Technology
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: I received and also gave many times in my life assists for certain reasons and it was all the time a great success handling a painful area.

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