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Helpful Rules based on Research, what Successfull People are really doing to Loose Weight.
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     It isn't really easy to find the right answer for the best diet, providing just some simple steps to lose weight fast, because the human body is not like a machine, ready for another oilchange. It is more a natural process, one has to go through. But lots of people like to make money with sharing their so-called special secrets to "the best diet". There is no special trick to it one could really sell or buy. And also not recommended are any artificial weightloss products, or even drugs. People normally cannot confront to"suffer themselves" through their weightloss time, and so these companies can obviously make lots of money with offering "their own ways" to loose weight fast.

     It is only of importance, that you have to learn getting the right food and only eating healthy meals.

     Here are some of the major key points of people, who did loose all the weight they wanted.

     1. Your body is a self supporting mechanism, which is solely running on pure nutrition and can only give you so much health, as you are providing it with great food. You are the one responsible, and not a so-called "diet plan" or the beautiful other advertisements from different local companies. What gasoline is for an automobile giving it speed and power, is for your body the amount of available nutrition in regards to your health and overal well-being.

     2. Don't overfeed your body and eat only healthy meals, and then wait with the next bite or meal until you are really getting hungry again. Use the "three meals a day" rule, even it seems hard on you. In that way you can make sure that all the earlier eaten food is finished digesting correctly. The best is to strech the time a little bit more, just to make sure. Otherwise you would keep your body in a constant digesting mode with different new things coming in, and this is not in your best interest. It will make your stomach food sick, and you will start to balloon. Drink only water and tea with no sugar or other sweeteners. No cake, cookies, candies, chocolate, chips, tortillas, crackers other so-called "loose weight" products, and not any type of bread. All that will make you gaining weight. But sprouded bread is good for you.

     3. What many people do and what is very successful, is to 'NOT MIX' too many ingredients together in one meal. It is confusing and you may start storing parts away for gaining weight. As an example first having a Soup, then comes the Main-Course with eventually added-on Chips and Sodas, and at the end is Coffee and Dessert Time - the most favorite thing for us to do. Also don't eat heavy meals ( thick gravies and with lots of additional carbohydrates from other side dishes, or any of the deep fried stuff). But great natural Olive oil - yes - off course.

     4. To be able to use nutrition in the most optimal way and to accomplish the best diet, eat more days only vegetarian meals with whatever fruits you like to have in between. If you do here more days with a nice variety in your menu planning would be the optimal solution. If you feel you're missing out on protein, you should boil eggs from better quality. The nutrition information you will find outside or inside of all egg containers (with Omega 3 etc, no antibiotics, from natural fed hens). But lentils, quinoa and other products have lots of protein themselves. It is only your usual craving for the wrong food, what let it look horrible eating that way, because you just started changing the wrong habits from you and your addicted body.

     Very important: Your imune system runs properly mainly on fresh salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts and also avocados. Here you are already on the best way for loosing lots of weight, with gaining constant health, strength and optimal survival at the same time.

     5. Eat meat and fish here and there (only from clear and clean waters) and use only natural and organic products, plus read on the labels. Best prepare it like a steak. Leave pre-made Super Market sauces and salad dressings out. You can easily make your own, be inventive ! As an simple example mix a little bit of "All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar" with some Natural Sour Cream and then give different seasonings to it, whatever you like. This is already a great recipe.

     6. Specially Corn and Soy products in the U.S. and Mexico contain lots of pesticides and are in general genetically altered. Nobody can really tell you, how your body may react over the years eating all that. Think about possible food allergies and illnesses and decide mainly eating other products, or buy it all organic. Prevention of possible health problems is here a good advice for your new diet plan.

     Don't get too much sodium. Also try to never buy food with corn sirup, high fructus corn sirup, altered corn starch, artifical colors and taste supporters etc. The best is to compare foods on a shelf with the same from other companies and always buy the one with less chemical wordings or "additional ingredients" in it. This is pretty simple to do and helps already to keep it all a bit more down, with possible allergies and gaining weight.

     7. There are techniques to cook food, where you don't loose any nutrition. To find out more about it, visit a Cooking Tools Department. These tools are cheap and do not cost a lot of money. Don't buy some expensive and stupid equipment.

     Your body is a pretty complex natural entity, so always treat it carefully and keep it all natural. You are the one, who caused this problem in the first place with taking it all a bit too easy. So you also have to change your pace. In our fast-food nation here in the U.S. eating healthy meals is becoming more and more a problem, and all these so-called best-diet offers mainly contribute to a low energy, obesity (endless gaining weight), stress, health problems and high medical bills.

     There aren't any better ways to loose weight fast, because with the above you are also handling your addiction, what is the main problem of all. Your body needs a new adjustment to the right food, bringing you more health and survial. But it will be long lasting, and you may be never gaining weight again.

     On my Therapist Page, when you go down to my link section, you will find great answers about what you should eat, including everything about real Natural Healing, with lots of Recipes and Preparation Tips for your Cooking from a 5 Star Chef (including videos).

     1.) Healthy Foods, Healthy Meals and Natural Healing as the best Diet.

     2.) About your Diet Plan and Loosing Weight

           Other Helpful Information:

     1.) Awesome Life Improvement Books

     2.) Our Pain Relief without Drugs

     3.) Very Effective Study Technology for Children and Adults

           ... and many other subjects:

                       " Find The Right Answers To Your Life Problems"

By Thomas Lechner
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: I had myself for a long time problems with my weight. I could never really figure out why I actually had my bigger belly problem and what the reason was. But specific data about loosing weight were completely unknown to me.

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