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How To Handle A Family
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      Overall is the daily living with others in a family, with friends, grant parents, babies and pets a very pleasureful happening, and is for sure worth all the good efforts of every single individual, making it better and more playful for all the others living there. Everybody makes a wonderful carrier, has awesome friends, gives parties here and there and the kids make it through the grades and don't do too much stupid things. It creates a pure enjoyment to stay involved and living through it, together every day of the year.

     It becomes the ideal style of living and is the dream of everybody, who loves to live a happy life, safe and relaxed in a stable environment.

  But there are things happening and unpredicted at any time, where some stress will occur and new problems appear, and so people lose their strings. It must not be big. But to whatever happens, a proper way of handling it needs always to be worked out fast. This will also occur here and there in every other family. Somebody did not make it through the grades, somebody else threw a football in the big window of a supermarket, the lady of the house thinks that her husband has a girlfriend and the unpaid bills from the son, having no job, are all stacking up over everybody else's head. But the longer it takes to handle it or getting it properly fixed, the more worse the situation will grow.

     Several of these little or bigger disasters can get handled easily and with a smile, because a real danger did not occur. But there are always situations, which don't keep on getting handled and then drag on for a long time. It happens, that nobody likes to talk about it anymore. "It is just how it is", becomes the apathetic frame of mind. But these are the special moments and secrets, which build up lies, heart attacks and are also causing all the sleeplessness. And every other new situation, small or large, will make it even worse.

   It is easy to say, "That's how it has always been in a middle class family". But it isn't, and the mood of every individual involved is dropping down more and more and all the good feelings from the past are disappeared. Now life becomes a more tough routine of actions. Wake up on time, go shopping, feet the cat, pay the bills, wash the laundry, do your homework, but also play being the nice girl, whenever needed. This can become then pretty serious.

     How can this now get resolved back into a higher state of living, where happiness and being playful can give back the real big pleasure moments of the past ?

     Yes, it has to get changed right there !

    Such a family has to work it out together and look at all the outpoints of each single individual. Nobody in this moment should take pills or drink any alcohol. And a list of actions should be written and assigned to, for which person has to handle what situation. And if help is needed, it has to be worked out too. This will always become a bit more serious activity, though will not turn out too bad. Nobody really likes to stop finding a proper handling for the already known outpoints. Just honesty and participation is needed. But all the outpoints are soon understood and whatever else is missing, it can be all still said and added to the list.

    After such a meeting things may happen, where family members start a bit upsetting each other, because the confront level came up and nobody wants to be the one, getting called the bad guy. But sane people will normally do fine, having the attention on getting it all under control and handled. And soon they may start talking about their first successes. It should be also done a meeting every week, talking about the progress of all things, or asking for help. Finally working as a team, everything will turn out fine.

     This is the moment, where the family re-unions completely back as a team, sticking together as never before and liking each other so much, as it would be a new life and family, one can be really proud of. And all the mistakes and stupidies of the past are magically gone !

     But there is still something else the family can do. And this is going on a nice vacation to somewhere beautiful in this world. It could be one of the outstanding Beaches in Florida, in a nice Hotel and with good food, enjoying life and collecting new impressions, which everybody can take home, for a long time to remember.

Reference:   Website

   and also: Help Information Center - Austin

Living in a family is sometimes not as easy. Everybody may accumulate over time smaller or bigger trouble areas where it would be very helpful talking to somebody about it. Because talking and then handling it is the only real way out.

By Thomas Lechner
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: When I was young I realized how difficult it can get when it goes about telling each other in a family the truth about a wrong thing one just did. And it could have been so easily resolved instaed of draging it on forever.

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