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Explaining: Why is Dianetics an important Science
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     Dianetics is a very professional Science of Life, based on the intense research about the human mind for many years, by L.Ron Hubbard.

     What does our so-called unconscious mind consists of:

     Whatever is happening to a person during her life, what includes unconsciousness, pain, shock and specially spoken words or phrases, enters into the unconscious mind (also called the reactive mind) as a recording, without the unconscious person knowing about it. This can, then, later get reactivated through similarities in one's environment and may create harmful effects to the person, as a direct reaction to the same spoken words, phrases or other parts of this incident. That this type of recordings exist, was one of the major discovery breakthroughs in Dianetics about 1940, and is called an engram.

     An engram is unknown to the person's awarness, because she was obviously unconscious as it happended. But again, all that can now get automatically reactivated to be played back or dramatized from the unconscious mind in moments of stress, with similarities to the same spoken words or any other circumstance in the environment. It also brings with it, that the person will feel horrible and down, like she felt during the time, when she received this engram. But she does not really understand, that this is happening. It is very close to the original recording, but it is mainly " the spoken words " in an engram which are most harmful, because spoken words have meanings.

     How could one remember such an incident in a hopefully great workable therapy, and then get it entirely erased ? Now here is, where Dianetics Technology comes into play.

     Here are some examples helping to prevent engram recording in regards to spoken words:

     Birth for example can become for the mother and the newborn a horrible occasion. But specially the newborn will get a major recording during this procedure and there should at least nobody be allowed to talk in this room, to prevent creating something in its unconscious mind, what could become later a problem for this child through some stupid possible reactivation with similarities. L.Ron Hubbard says in Dianetics, that the unconscious mind is called the reactive mind, because it reacts instantly and directly to similarities. And so is, in Dianetics, the unconscious mind the one which is always conscious, out of that reason. But you have to read Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health, to learn and understand the entire subject much better. This article here cannot describe, what is explained on over 500 pages in the actual Dianetics book.

     All psychosomatic illness, pain and misemotions, even allergies, astma and migraine, where no acute medical diagnosis or other situation is obviously present, is directly connected to the unconscious mind with an engram, for whatever reason it happened or however it was created. Taking drugs or painpills is here completely wrong.

     Falling down as a child during play and going unconscious and somebody talks stupid stuff, who can remember later on, that this had happened. Or a surgery in a hospital, where doctors roughly discuss something about other patients, or even talk private about names and problems. Who could tell what happens to the unconscious mind of this patient in terms of the spoken words and meanings during the time of that surgery with all the stress and pain, laying there in complete darkness, and then, all these strange voices talking down to the patient. If reactivated later one day through major similarities in a very bad moment, can create a life long health problem for this person in her environment, or when being together with very similar people. All the bad feelings during this surgery are now reactivated and will put this person down, making her sick. We call it then usually a " psychosomatic illness ", because we cannot explain its origin. And nobody will be able figuring out, what is the real reason for that. This is why it is much better to receive an engram without any spoken words or meanings, because the possibility of reactivation is not so direct. Though, every engram has to be found and erased, to give a person back her original health and happiness.

     One does not have to be always completely unconscious for receiving an engram. One can be also very drunken or under some major drugs, when getting then into a nasty situation or accident, where one is receiving real pain, with some fear or personal danger. Somebody next to this person may start talking emotional dramatic about her or is screaming around, and may press some stinky wet cloth on her face. This person will record everything and anything of that incident in her unconscious mind in this situation, and can get then later again unknowingly, partly or in full, re-dramatized or reactivated at any time.

     Read DIANETICS, THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH and get all the right answers directly from the author L.Ron Hubbard. There are also several special Dianetics techniques available, which will help you finding and erasing some engrams, bringing you back more happiness and personal freedom.

     L.Ron Hubbard says about Dianetics:

     "Dianetics is an adventure. It is an exploration into Terra Incognita, the human mind, that vast and hitherto unknown realm half an inch back of our foreheads."

     Find out more about DIANETICS on our Life Improvement Website below, and watch several High Quality Videos about this remarkable Technology.

     My Therapist Page is: "Find The Right Answers To Your Life Problems"

By Thomas Lechner
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: The wins and gains I personally got from Dianetics Couseling were so remarkable to my life health and well-being that I could change to a completely new carrier what I wasn't able to accomplish before at all.

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