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Study Technology is Providing the Solution for Correct Learning
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      This outstanding technology got originally developed for people of any age, whoever wanted to improve his own learning skills for college, university or job. Never the less this article here is specially referring to the study problems of our children in school.

     Our current school system today is facing two major problems: One of them is the factual circumstance, that children try out drugs already at a pretty young age, which they receive from other fellows in that school. The other even bigger problem is, that learning itself and finishing one's homework correctly is more and more becoming a "mental disorder". Though, these two problems might have a common denominator.

     Parents are normally not able to do the homework with their children. Part of this problem is, that they may not feel as good and competent themselves about the material taught in school. On the other side it might be hard for them putting every day the right amount of control and attention to their children, like one would normally expect from a professional trained person. In most cases, both parents also have to go to work.

     At school the teachers are facing a major problem with their time for getting all the materials taught and understood during the year, because children have to get trained in their class up to a certain standard, before they can move to the next grade. And so, no teacher can do much about the indiviual problems of children, which are not able to follow as fast and easy, like all the others do. This circumstance leaves it then again all up to the family at home. But what can you do with a child, when it is found insufficient for learning in school ?

     The most ideal scene would be, when good behaving and trustful children could do their homework together and each child could learn and profit from the other. But children being together want more likely go for play, and that makes it very difficult. Paying for a tutor, one expects from him being so professional in teaching, that the child can learn in hours, what was not understood in school. If a tutor is missing out on such real teaching skills, he will end up making the homework together with the child - and it may go on forever, costing a fortune.

     So, what is a real solution ?

     It is still the child who is responisible, that the homework gets done and that all of it is well understood. Nobody else can do that. This has to become part of the education at home. But in most cases it is not an unwillingness of the child about learning, but its own inability to easily understand. So, if the child did not really get it in school and cannot grasp it at home either, what can you do ?

     There is a Study Technology, which is pretty easy to learn and what helps the child to a much better understanding how it all works and fits together. It basically teaches the child the "learning how to learn". Ten thousands of people and children are using this technology already since years every day on their jobs or in school. Knowing it, a child which is running into difficulties can spot its outpoints and handle them right there. It is that magic !

     This Study Technology got developed by the Humanitarian and Educator L.Ron Hubbard, who got many official recognitions and acknowledgements for his great developement. It is already used and implemented in many schools in the US and also practised in other countries all over the world, in many different languages.

    "What is Study Technology"  Website        "What is a Learning Disorder"  Website

                                    Please also visit our Main Website below !

By Thomas Lechner Trained as a Professional Instructor for this Technology
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: I'm applying this great Technology since many years with lots of success myself. It was one of the best steps for my personal understanding of learning I ever did. When I was a school boy - yes I made it through my classes but if I would have known about this technology already then my life would have been completely changed to the better.

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Study Technology is Providing the Solution for Correct Learning
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